Westinghouse Tv Sound Not Working [9 Easy Solutions]

The leading reasons behind Westinghouse TV sound not working are including, the volume of your TV being too low or the TV being muted. Furthermore, if there is some issue with the cable connections or the software is out of date, you tend to face the issue.

Other reasons can be the wrong external device connections with your TV or the incorrect sound setting on your Westinghouse TV. The last possible thing that can be the culprit is the Audio IC failure. 

So, if you want to know more about why there is no sound on my Westinghouse TV, read through the comprehensive article without missing any.

Westinghouse Tv Sound Not Working [9 Easy Solutions]

When you face a sound issue on your Westinghouse TV and looking for effective solutions, this article is for you. We guarantee you don’t have to leave empty-handed. So here we go… 

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1. Volume Is Too Low Or Muted

When Westinghouse TV sound stopped working, sometimes it’s a very simple case. Here either your TV is muted or the sound level is too low to hear. This may seem simple, but if it’s the only case, you can resolve this issue with such an easy fix. 


  • Take your remote and locate the sound level button on the right side of your remote
  • Press the Mute/Unmute button to check if the sound of your Westinghouse TV is muted. Unmute your TV.
  • If you hear too low or distorted sound, press the Volume Up or Volume Down button to get the sound level you want.

2. Restart The Westinghouse TV

Restarting Westinghouse TV is an effective method when facing Westinghouse TV audio problems. 

This soft reset will drain any residual power left in the TV, and you will be able to hear the sound. So, a restart should be your first step when you face this issue. 

How To Restart Westinghouse TV

  • Disconnect your TV from the wall outlet.
  • Keep it disconnected for about 60 seconds.
  • Press the power button of your TV and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • After 60 seconds, connect your TV to the wall outlet and turn on your TV back. 
  • Hope this’ll fix the sound. 

3. HDMI Cable Or A/V Cable Connection Issue

One of the most common reasons for Westinghouse TV, not sounding HDMI is the audio cable or HDMI cable’s improper connections. 

Also, loose cable connections are an obstacle to your TV getting stable power. When you face this issue, it is possible that your AV receiver or the source device isn’t connected correctly to the A/V cable. Or, the source device is only connected to the video cable. 


  • Ensure the HDMI cable connection is snug with the TV as well as secure. 
  • Also, make sure there is no loose connection. Try to push the cable into the port as far as it can go or wriggle it. 
  • While using the source devices on your Westinghouse TV, connect all the audio cable connections correctly with your TV and the source devices. 

4. Perform Sound Reset On WestinghouseTV

Another easy fix to Westinghouse TV sound issues is performing a sound reset on your TV. A Sound reset kicks out all the glitches and resets your Westinghouse TV sound settings back to factory defaults. 

Performing a sound reset isn’t a hard task. Just follow every step described below.

How To Perform A Sound Reset On Westinghouse TV

perform a sound reset on westinghouse tv
  • Click the Home button on Westinghouse TV.
  • Go to the Settings. 
  • Now move to the System option and press OK.
  • Select Advanced System Settings from the system menu.
  • Move ahead to Factory Reset and then the Reset Audio/Picture settings option.
  • Press the Play/ Pause button 3 times to reset the audio to its original default values. 

5. Wrong Sound Settings

If you want to have a Westinghouse TV with no sound glitch fix, try to change some sound settings on your Westinghouse TV.

westinghouse tv sound settings

On your Westinghouse TV, if the sound is very low or only one speaker produces sound, be sure your TV isn’t set to Stereo Mode. 

When the AVL mode is on, it limits your sound when sudden changes in volume occur during commercial breaks.


  • Go to the Menu. 
  • Move to the Settings option and select the Sound option from the menu. 
  • Press the Sound Settings. 
  • Go ahead to Surround Mode. 
  • Press Enter to set the Surround Mode. 
  • Off the AVL mode if it is on. 
  • Adjust the sound mode 
  • Adjust Bass for low-frequency band response 
  • Adjust Treble for high-frequency band response 
  • Adjust Balance to level the sound coming from the left or right speaker of the TV 

6. Software Bugs

Running your Westinghouse TV on old version software can cause different problems like Westinghouse TV volume not working.

So, when you are having this sound issue, update the latest version of the software on your TV. 


  • Click the Menu button on your remote 
  • Select the Settings option from the menu and press OK
  • Now move to the System Settings option 
  • Select the System Update option and click OK
  • Click on the Check Now option
  • Once you select it, your TV will start checking available software updates for your TV and will notify you if there are any. 
  • Now press on Update. Your TV will turn off, and once the upgrading is finished, Westinghouse TV will turn on.

7. Setting Problem Of The External Devices

Sometimes Westinghouse smart TV no sound occurs of the wrong external device settings. When you connect other source devices such as DVD players, Game consoles, cable, headphones, and satellite boxes directly with your TV or to AV receivers, sometimes you can’t get sound on the devices as the setting is wrong.


  • Press the Home button on your remote 
  • Go to the Settings option, and select the Audio option from the setting menu.
  • Now move to the Speaker option and select the speaker setting 
  • Turn ‘On’ the speaker setting to listen to both internal and external speakers, and turn ‘Off’ to listen to external speakers only.
  • Also, check the external device audio settings.
  • Sometimes for the external device, you can’t get the sound on the TV. 
  • So, to check if the external devices are creating the issue, disconnect all the devices from your TV and try to play sound on your TV’s internal speaker. 

8. Factory Reset The Westinghouse TV

If you still haven’t found any luck on Westinghouse Roku TV sound issues after all these troubleshooting methods, factory reset your TV.

Although factory reset removes all OSD menu settings (except parental controls), the sound will be restored on your Westinghouse TV.  


  • Press the Menu button on your Westinghouse TV remote 
  • Select Settings option 
  • Now select Advanced System Setting. 
  • Choose the Factory Reset from there and confirm it by entering your pin
  • You can also reset your TV with the Factory Reset button on your Westinghouse TV 
  • This small Reset Button can be on the right or left, or the bottom of your TV, depending on the TV model.
  • Locate the button and press it with a ballpen 
  • Press the button until you see your TV logo on the screen. It’ll take 10 to 15 seconds to factory reset your Westinghouse TV. 

9. Failed Audio IC

When Westinghouse Roku TV sound not working, the Audio IC that drives the internal speakers is likely damaged.

It may have burnt out or failed to work anymore. Now you have to replace the Audio IC or the mainboard to get your TV back to work 


  • Unscrew the back panel of your TV 
  • Locate the motherboard in the middle of your TV
  • Unscrew the motherboard 
  • Inspect the Audio IC if it’s burnt out or damaged. Replace or repair the damaged motherboard or the IC to fix the issue.
  • Re-assemble your TV in reverse order
  • If you find this difficult, call for the assistance of the Westinghouse TV experts who will replace it for you 


Can you hook up a soundbar to a Westinghouse TV?

The soundbar will work on Westinghouse TV. Just change the audio setting to Optical/ PCM. 

How do I sync my soundbar to my smart TV?

Click the Sound Control on the soundbar remote. Use the Left/Right button to adjust until the sound is synced.

How do I reset my sound bar?

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for more than five seconds. Unplug the ac power cord and plug it back in again.

Closing Words 

Hopefully, no more query is left on your mind after reading this short but efficient article. The sound not working on Westinghouse TV is no longer a big issue now. You can resolve it without any hassle.

 If you still have something to know about this matter, please hurry to inform us through a comment. We are ready to help you absolutely and entirely.

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