Graco Baby Monitor Beeping [3 Easy Solutions]

The primary reason behind the Graco baby monitor beeping is low or dead batteries. Also, if there is a weak signal between the parent unit and the nursery unit, a beeping sound will automatically start from the parent unit. Sometimes, broken pair is highly responsible for this. 

To break down this issue from your baby monitor, you need some effective steps. Follow our below exclusive article to get all the solution steps.

Graco Baby Monitor Beeping [3 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we have included all possible solutions to free your Graco baby monitor from any type of beeping issue.

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1. Low or Drained Battery

Graco baby monitor features rechargeable batteries that need to recharge periodically through any USB Outlet using the included USB Cable. Also, the nursery units operate with 3-AAA batteries or standard 120 Volt AC household current. 

When the battery is too low in the parent unit, you will find the LED bar from the side of the parent unit will change from green to red. It is an indication of a drained battery.

When this happens, you will automatically hear 2-3 audible beeps from 10-15 seconds difference. Sometimes, the batteries get dead, and it is needed to replace the battery. Follow our below guides in this case.


  • First, turn off your parent unit and nursery unit. 
  • Now plug the units in the AC adapter and then connect it to a standard wall outlet to recharge the batteries.
  • It will be best to recharge the parent units for at least 16 hours for optimum operation.
  • But make sure the batteries are properly installed into the unit’s battery compartment. 
  • After complete charging, turn on the units and check if there is beeping or not.
  • If still beeping, be sure the batteries are dead, and it is no longer for being used. Here, you need to inspect the units and replace the batteries.

2. Out Of Range Indication

If there is enough charge in the parent unit and still a beeping sound is coming from the parent unit, there is surely have out of a signal issue.

When the parent unit starts losing the signal from the nursery unit, the LED light will turn red. 

Also, you will hear 2 audible beeps every 15 seconds. This beep might be an alert of losing connection from the nursery unit. First, note down the possible reasons for causing this:

  • Too far distances between the units.
  • Having large obstructions that are blocking the signals
  • Or, there may have interference from other electrical devices like TV, computers, fans, and fluorescent lights.
  • Unsecured placement of the units.
  • Broken antenna.

Anyway, by following some easier steps, you can fix this out-of-signal issue on your monitor device.


  • Move the parent unit to the closest nursery unit to regain connection. Be sure there should be 3 feet or 1-meter differences between the units.
  • If there is a significant amount of obstructions between the unit, remove them. Or move the nursery unit to another part of the room but in the monitor range.
  • Make sure both units are installed on a secured surface.
  • Remove other electrical equipment from the path of the units.
  • If there is an antenna on your parent console, place the antenna in an optimal reception regarding the camera position. Also, if needed, replace the broken antenna. 
  • Now, check out the parent unit. Hopefully, the LED light will turn green, and the beep will strip. If not, follow the below section.  

3. Broken Pair Between The Units

In order to communicate the parent unit with the nursery unit, there should be a strong connection between them. Thus, the first condition is pairing.

If somehow the pair is broken from the unit, the signal will also break, and the parent unit will start beeping in the lack of connection. 

Anyway, to stop these annoying beeps, go through the pairing process again. But before, do a hard reset of the units. Here are the effective instructions:


  • First, turn off the parent unit.
  • Press the “Volume” button and keep holding it.
  • Turn the parent unit back on while holding the button.
  • The unit will beep and flash all volume lights.
  • Now, release the volume button. Then, press again for 2 seconds.
  • This time, the volume lights will also light up.
  • Turn off the nursery unit and then back on.
  • The green light should turn on.
  • Now, place the nursery unit about 5 feet distance from the parent units,
  • Then your parent unit will automatically find the nursery unit within a few seconds. Immediately, the sound light will turn off, and a beep will confirm the pair.


Why is my Graco baby monitor not working?

Faulty per supply may seem to be the main reason for this. Check if the monitor is firmly plugged into the outlet or not. Reset the parent units and replace the batteries if needed.

How to activate the vibration alert feature on the Graco baby monitor?

To activate the vibration feature, press and hold the “Vibe” button on the parent unit. The sound light will flash to adjust the setting. Press the Up/Down button to set lower and higher vibrations.

Wrapping Thoughts:

Most of the Graco users have a common query “why is my Graco baby monitor beeping”. For them, we have given level best to include all the solution methods to fix this issue. 

Hopefully, our comprehensive article has enough benefit to all of you. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts regarding this article. Also, include your question if there is any have regarding this article.

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