Motorola Baby Monitor Beeping No Signal [5 Easy Solutions]

Motorola baby monitor beeping no signal due low or drained battery, unsecured electrical outlet, and broken pair of the units. Also, bad signal quality and frequency congestion are responsible for this.

If you are struggling to find the solution to this issue, then you are in the right place. Our comprehensive article is decorated regarding the Motorola baby monitor troubleshooting guide. Let’s read through it sensibly.

Motorola Baby Monitor Beeping No Signal [5 Easy Solutions]

If your Motorola baby monitors constantly beeping, there stand several reasons. Of them, Five are major and that need to be fixed first. We are here to bring the complete solution steps of that five major causes. Scroll down to learn in-depth.

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1. Low Or Drained Battery

If your Motorola baby monitor is beeping while plugged in, be sure the first reason would be the low or drained battery. All battery-powered devices need to recharge periodically.

Sometimes, it is not properly inserted into the device. Also, if they are drained, the monitor starts malfunctioning. So, in this case, the batteries need to replace or recharge the devices.


  • First, recharge the monitor by plugging the unit into the mains.
  • If still beeping, you must replace the battery. 
  • Turn off your parent unit.
  • Take a screwdriver and start unscrewing the screws that hold the battery cover.
  • Or, you may pry the battery cover off using any sharp object. Pull out the battery.
  • Then, change the battery if it is so long to do it.

2. Unsecured Electrical Outlet

Any electrical device runs fluently through a strong power supply. If there are any lacks, the device will not function well.

Behind a Motorola monitor beeping, the faulty power supply is also one of the main culprits. Read through some major reasons behind these facts:

  • Defective outlets
  • Faulty switch
  • Worn-out wires
  • Unsecured connection with the outlet
  • Defective electrical cord

Now fix this problem by following the steps:


  • Before starting, turn off both units.
  • Then, check out the visible wires of the units. Replace the wires which have cracked or worn out.
  • Come to the power cord. The brownish stain over it is a sign of its defects. Replace the power cord.
  • Then, verify the outlets are well working. 
  • Besides all these, don’t forget to check the switches as well. Faulty switches need to be replaced. Also, while connecting, make sure you are doing it tightly.

3. Out Of Signal

Any monitor works by connecting it to the transmitter unit. There flows a strong signal when you pair them. If somehow the normal signal breaks down, the monitor will not work like before.

In another sense, the monitor needs good signal quality. When the signal is out of range, your monitor will start beeping no signal. Let’s know the reason first:

  • Improper position of the camera
  • Unsecured installation of the transmitter and receiver
  • The camera and receiver are long distances
  • Broken antenna
  • Obstructions between the camera and the monitor
  • The receiver is out of the transmitter’s range

However, by following some effective steps, you can easily fix the issue:


  • First, check that there are no obstructions between these two devices.
  • Install the camera and monitor on a secured surface.
  • Mount the camera in the range of the monitor. 
  • Also, change the location of the monitor as well. 
  • But make sure that they are not closer than one meter.
  • Now, if there is an antenna, place it in an optimal reception regarding the camera position. It should be upright if the units are on the same surface. Otherwise, place the antenna vertically or lay it flat on the floor. Replace the antenna if it is broken. 

4. Not Paired With The Camera

In every Motorola baby motor, you are getting an attached camera. There need paring for communication between these two units. If the monitor is beeping with no signal, there is surely a broken pair of units.

It will be better to pair again and see if the method is well working or not. Don’t get into hassle. From the following section, you will come to know the right procedures for pairing the baby monitor.

How To Pair Motorola Baby Monitor?

  • Before starting, turn the monitor off and place it in a secured position. Connect it with the adapter and turn back it on. 
  • When the green indicator is on, press the menu button from the monitor.
  • Now scroll down using the Right and Left navigational buttons and select the camera option.
  • Press the Up/Down button and select the + symbol to add the camera.
  • Then press Ok, and you will find the camera pop up on the screen. 
  • Now select your desired camera and press the pair button from underneath the camera unit. Keep pressing it to connect with the monitor.
  • When the pairing is successful, you will see a camera appearing on display.

5. Interference In Signals

To communicate the parent unit with the baby monitor, there needs a strong frequency. Basically, here requires a 2.4GHz frequency signal band to connect the camera.

If any devices of similar frequency are in between them, there starts interference in the signal. 

When there is some wireless device like stereo speakers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, or microwaves, there is also frequency interference because of their radiofrequency.

This type of interruption is called frequency congestion, and for this monitor will beep no signal. Motorola baby monitor reset will prove well here. 

How Ro Reset Motorola Baby Monitor?

  • To Reset The Monitor: There is a pinhole button on the monitor’s left side. Turn on the monitor. Take a pin and insert it inside that reset button pinhole. The monitor will turn off. After some while, it starts again while the reset processing is completed.
  • To Reset The Baby Monitor Camera: turn off the camera. Then press the Pair button for 10 seconds. After that, power on the camera still holding the Pair button. You will hear a beep sound, and the LED light from the camera will start blinking. That’s done.


How to Pair Motorola Baby Monitor to Phone?

To do this, there should be Wi-Fi enabled on your monitor. You have to connect the monitor to your phone using an app called Hubble. Just install and configure it to your phone.

Why is my Motorola baby monitor not working?

The major reasons behind this include dead batteries or faulty power supply. Also, of defective wires, broken pairs in units, and interrupt in frequency, the monitor will not function properly.

Wrapping Words:

Now you are aware of the major reason for the beeping no signal in your Motorola baby monitor. Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion has been informative enough for you, and you have troubleshot your monitor’s issue.

Still, you are confused about any factors. Don’t hesitate to let us know through a comment. We will reply to you ASAP.

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