How To Zoom Out On Spectrum Remote [3 Easy Solutions]

Certainly, many Spectrum TV users experience that the TV picture looks too large and doesn’t fit the screen. There may have a higher possibility of wrong aspect ratio settings, by which the TV screen is excessively zoomed in.

Anyway, in order to fix the picture quality, you need to know how to zoom out on the spectrum remote. 

There have a few methods to zoom out the screen. It can be done either manually or by using the TV remote. But in both cases, you need to adjust the aspect ratio. Go through our comprehensive article to learn about all the essential facts related to this. 

How To Zoom Out On Spectrum Remote [3 Easy Solutions]

Before moving to the corrective methods, let’s know about the reasons for the TV screen zooming in. Scroll down.

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Why IS The TV screen Zoomed In?

It seems to be the most common issue on TV. In many cases, we experience that the TV screen has become enlarged somehow.

This type of issue happens for several reasons. The matter is quite normal and can be fixed easily. But it is needed to learn the reason for the TV screen zooming in. 

The problem may occur from pressing the TV remote control button accidentally. Mistakenly, any of the remote buttons may be pressed by somebody, and that scratched the TV image suddenly. 

In most cases, the issue starts with what you are watching on TV. There may have been signal weakness from the source devices. Another major reason behind the TV zoomed-in is the incorrect aspect ratio setting.

The fact of aspect ratio may be quite known to all TV users. It basically refers to the shape of the screen or video display.

If the TV aspect ratio is not set properly, the screen will zoom in and will enlarge the image more than normal. 

Here, horizontal and vertical lines may appear to get closer together. You need to fix the aspect ratio to zoom out the screen.

But before that, you will need to learn what the aspect ratio is and what are the standard levels of them.

What IS The Aspect Ratio?

The term aspect ratio on TV mainly refers to the ratio of an image. It identifies the screen’s width to its height. The ratio may differ from the standard screen to widescreen HDTVs.

In the short term, the aspect ratio is closely tied to resolution, and even it is designed to handle certain resolutions. But there will be no stretching or distortion of the picture.

The universal ratio range for any high-definition television is 16:9. Go through the below chart to learn about some common aspects ratio corresponding to the TV resolution.

ResolutionScreen DescriptionAspect RatioWidth (in pixels) Height (in pixels)
480i or 480pStandard Definition (SD)4:3640480
720p High Definition (HD)16:91280720
1080i or 1080pHigh Definition (HD)16:919201080
2160pUHD or 4K16:938402160

Standard Aspect Ratio For TV

There are two most common aspect ratios which are used in almost all digital television. Here read through the most used ratio in all standard TV screens.

  • 4:3

A standard screen TV uses a 4:3 aspect ratio. In this ratio, the screen is four units wide for every three units in length. Apart from this, the resolution of 480p or 480i is enough to fill the screen.

The aspect ratio for a 4:3 TV is 1.33:1, which tells you the basic shape of that screen.  But here is the fact that this ratio is now rarely used in favor of the newer 16:9 widescreens.

the aspect ratio for a 4:3 TV
  • 16:9

The ratio of 16:9 is mainly used in widescreen HDTV. Here, the screen is 16 units wide for every nine units in length. The resolution ranges that fill the screen start from 720P.

The format is gaining vast popularity for disclaiming high-definition videos. Apart from this, the formal is ideal for display on HD televisions

widescreen HDTV ratio of 16:9

How To Adjust TV Screen Size On Spectrum Remote

There are a couple of ways to adjust the TV screen size using the spectrum remote. As you have read above, by adjusting the wrong aspect ratio, you can easily fix the screen size.

If the aspect ratio will not be properly set manually, then you need to adjust the screen size using the TV remote.

Most of the methods are quite effective in controlling the zooming option on your TV screen. Don’t worry. We will discuss each method briefly for your better understanding:

1. Set the Correct Aspect Ratio Manually

In order to change the default aspect ratio on the Spectrum remote, follow the below instructions:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote.
  • Go to “Settings” from the menu.
  • Select High Definition
  • Now, highlight the TV Aspect Ratio using the arrow keys
  • Then, press the “Right” arrow button.
  • After that, use the Up arrow or Down arrow, and set the correct aspect ratio.
  • For widescreen TVs, select 16:9.
  • Behind standard TVs, select 4:3.
  • Finally, press the Left arrow button to save the changes.
  • Now, check what the TV screen is now looking like. 

2. Adjust The Screen Size By Spectrum Remote

There is a featured aspect button on the Spectrum remote. By using this, you can easily adjust the screen size.

That means, by pressing the aspect button, the screen will be either zoomed in or zoomed out as per users’ preferences. Follow the below instructions to do this:

  • Take your spectrum remote control. 
  • Find out the aspect button from the bottom right of the remote.
  • Point the remote on the TV and press the aspect button once.
  • It will redirect the TV screen to the TV aspect menu.
  • Now, cycle through the options and find out the actual aspect ratio for your TV screen.
  • It will assist you in resizing the screen accordingly to “un-zoom” the screen.

3. Restart the TV

Sometimes, it may also happen that you have already adjusted the aspect ratio but failed to adjust the screen size. There may have glitches or bugs in the TV software that needs to eliminate.

A power reset on the TV will effectively work in this case. Follow the below instructions to restart the TV using your spectrum TV remote control:

  • Point the remote control to the TV.
  • Make sure the TV is turned on.
  • Now, press the power button from the remote control.
  • Keep holding the button for about 5 seconds.
  • Release the button until the “Power off” message is displayed.
  • The TV will turn off, and the restarting process will start automatically.
  • After restarting, turn on your TV and now check if the screen size has been fixed or not.


How do I change the font size on my Spectrum Guide?

To change the font size, press the “Menu” from the TV remote. Then go to Settings & Support and select OK/Select. Highlight Accessibility and change the settings. Finally, press OK/Select to confirm.

What is SAP on the spectrum?

SAP refers to Secondary Audio Programming, which is an audio service for analog television. The service is broadcasted over the air and on cable TV. This audio channel is available to customers with visual disabilities.

How do I disable the SAP spectrum?

To turn off the SAP spectrum, go to the TV menu. Then, go to Settings and find SAP there. Press on it. Scroll down and “enable/disable” option. Click on the disable and save the changes. 

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, now you have a crystal clear idea of how to zoom out on the spectrum remote. We can expect you will easily fix your TV picture issue by following our guide. Have a deep concentration on setting the aspect ratio for this purpose. 

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding our article, don’t be late to ask us through a comment. Our expert team is always ready for your assistance.

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