Panasonic TV Zoom Adjust Grayed Out [5 Easy Solutions]

Your Panasonic TV adjust grayed out mainly due to the wrong screen format, HD size, H size, zoom setting, and bad HDMI signal. So how do you fix these issues? Well, it’s simple.

In this article, I will be discussing simple ways of zoom adjust on Panasonic tv greyed out. So follow our instructions and fix your TV right away.

Panasonic TV Zoom Adjust Grayed Out [5 Easy Solution]

Here are simple reasons behind your Panasonic TV adjust grayed out and their simple solutions:

1. Screen Format Is Wrong

The first and most common reason behind grayed-out zoom adjust is the wrong screen format. It can’t send a color-accurate signal when the screen runs on a different formation. As a result, you get grayed-out zoom adjustment. 


You can solve this issue by sitting right where you are with the TV remote. Here’s what you need to do,

  • Turn on the TV
  • Go to the menu
  • Go to the settings
  • Select aspect ratio
  • Choose the aspect ratio of your TV (you have this number on your TV box)

If you can’t find any information on the aspect ratio, set it to 4:3 and see if it works. Otherwise, keep adjusting to different options.

2. Wrong HD Size

If you notice noise on the edge of the screen along with grayed-out blocks, your HD size is wrong. 


There are basically two HD sizes. Size-1 scans 95% area of the display while Size-2 scans 100% of it. So which one should you choose?If the grayed area is only in one corner, go for size-1.

If the grayed spot is somewhere along the middle, choose size-2.But where do you get this size option? Simply go to the menu and then select HD settings. There you will find the rest. 

3. Wrong H Size

What if the noise is on both sides in parallel alignment instead of just one? In that case, the issue is with the H size. Similar to the HD setting, you have to adjust the H size here.


It’s pretty simple to handle. Just go to the menu, then select settings. Here you will find the option to adjust the horizontal display range. Choose Size-2 to fix your issue. 

4. Wrongly Adjusted Zoom

Sometimes the issue simply can be with the wrong Zoom settings. In this situation, adjusting the zoom alignment is all you need to do.


Here you will have to get the aspect setting to “ZOOM”. For this, go to the menu and select display settings.

Under this section, you will find the “ZOOM” option. Set the display aspect to zoom, and your work is done. 

5. Bad HDMI Signal

Though it is very unlikely that your TV zoom adjust has grayed out because of the HDMI cable, it’s a possibility. As you probably know, the HDMI cable sends a signal to the TV display to play pictures.

If this wire is damaged in any way, or if the HDMI port has any kind of fault, the display picture will be affected. Grayed-out zoom adjustment can be one such effect.


We have already discussed that if the issue with HDMI signal, then either the HDMI cable or the HDMI port is faulty. To determine the reason behind this, closely examine the HDMI cable first.

See if you can notice any kind of damage on the wire. If you don’t find anything, replace the HDMI port.

What if replacing the port doesn’t solve anything as well? In this case, change the whole HDMI cable.If nothing works, call a professional. The problem is not what you think.


Why is my Panasonic TV so zoomed in?

The reason probably is the source of your signal. What I mean to say is, the show you are watching is not proportionately sized, and it’s not the fault of your TV. Just zoom out, and everything should be good again.

Why can’t I change the aspect ratio on my TV?

Probably your TV resolution is not set correctly. Set the resolution to auto, and then you should be able to adjust the aspect ratio as well.

How do I change the resolution on my Panasonic TV?

The simplest path to the resolution option is: Menu > Settings > System Options > Screen Aspect Ratio And High Definition. Select this last option and press okay. This will allow you to adjust the resolution to the point you want. 

How do I Unzoom my TV screen?

You can find the Unzoom option in your TV menu’s ‘picture setting’. If you don’t find it there, go to the aspect ratio setting and make your adjustments.

How do I make my screen fit my TV?

Here’s how to simply fit your screen on your TV: Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and Devices > Display > Resolution. Here choose the recommended resolution. This way, you will have a screen that perfectly fits your TV.

Final Verdict:

Despite being a strong brand, most people have faced the issue of Panasonic TV zoom adjust grayed out. But you don’t have to worry about this problem now because you have already learned how to deal with the issue.

And just so you know, there is nothing wrong with your TV. So, you can relax. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment below.

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