LG TV Blinking Codes [Full List + Reasons + Solutions]

TV’s internal malfunction, power outage, defective power board, software errors, and overheating are responsible for your LG TV blinking codes.

You may experience your LG TV red light blinking 2 times, 3 times, and 4 times. However, the error codes flashing alert you of your LG TV’s internal hardware failure.

We conducted in-depth research on the factors mentioned above and discussed the detailed causes and solutions of each problem.

So sharply keep going through this article’s each point till the end. And you will certainly learn how to solve your LG TV blink error codes trouble. 

LG TV Blinking Codes [Reasons + Solutions]

The factors responsible for creating LG TV’s blinking problem and their solutions are the following:

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1. TV’s Internal Malfunction

TV’s internal malfunction is one of the major factors responsible for your LG-led TV blinking codes. When the TV finds any issue within its internal parts or hardware, your LG TV red light blinks 2 times to alert you.

Usually, when the LG-led TV blinks codes, it stops turning on. The main reasons for it are:

  • TV’s internal component failure
  • Faulty Wi-Fi chip
  • Broken inverter board
  • Damaged motherboard
  • Broken internal components


If any of the internal components within the TV goes wrong, your LG TV blink error codes. Fixing ways to these troubles are:

  • Inspect your LG TV’s failed internal components and replace them
  • Replace the faulty Wi-Fi chip, damaged motherboard, and broken inverter board
  • Check the broken internal parts and replace them

2. Power Outage

While your LG TV is running perfectly, the power outage creates sudden interruption and your LG Plasma TV blink codes.

A power outage creates sudden pressure, and the TV’s internal parts could damage because of it. As a result, the TV starts to alert you through blinking codes. The causes of it are:

  • Voltage fluctuation
  • High frequency in electricity line
  • Excessive energy demand or overload
  • Power line damage
  • Equipment failure
  • Inclement Weather


When suddenly your LG TV is blinking red light codes due to the power outage, go with the following solutions:

  • Ensure your electricity line is supplying power perfectly and there is no voltage fluctuation or high-frequency voltage issues
  • Prevent electricity overload by avoiding using too many electrical appliances at a time
  • Inspect the power supply line and repair or replace the damaged power line
  • Avoid using faulty electrical appliances in the same outlet where you are plugging your TV’s cable.
  • Don’t use your TV or other appliances in extreme weather like severe wind, flooding, heat waves, or freezing rains.

3. Faulty Power/Main Board

The LG TV’s internal damage’s one of the main reasons is the damaged circuit board or faulty power board. The power board distributes voltage in the TV’s internal components by converting higher voltage into smaller voltage.

The defective power board fails to distribute voltage perfectly, and it is responsible for the LG TV 3 blink codes. The causes of it are:

  • Blown main fuse
  • Worn capacitor
  • Broken circuit board
  • Board’s faulty electrolytic capacitors
  • Cracked PCBs
  • High surge voltages
  • Damaged FETs and ICS


Factory reset is a powerful way of fixing the faulty main circuit board, and your LG TV red light blinks 3 times issue.

However, replacing your TV’s entire defective power board is the most effective solution. But if a single component becomes faulty or other causes create trouble, then the additional solutions are:

  • Check the worn capacitors and blow the main fuse, and replace them
  • Repair or replace the broken circuit board
  • Replace the malfunctioning electrolytic capacitors
  • Ensure there is no voltage surge issue within the electrical line
  • Replace the cracked PCBs and damaged FETs and ICS

4. TV’s Overheating

Overheated TV is one of the main reasons why your LG TV’s red light blinks 4 times. Overheating is responsible for the circuit board’s internal failure and flashing red lights in the TV.

When the TV overheats, the flashing light indicates there is something wrong, or an error occurred within your LG TV. The causes of overheating are: 

  • Covered vents on TV’s back
  • Dirty vent or full of dust
  • TV is placed directly in touch with the sunlight
  • Other devices are plugged into the same outlet as the TV


Performing a hard reset is the best solution to this problem. The hard reset will delete the error from your TV’s memory. Wait for 10 minutes to cool down your TV and then reset it. The other solutions are:

  • Ensure that the LG TV’s back vent is uncovered
  • Clean the dirty vent
  • Move away from your TV from the place where direct sunlight hit
  • Avoid plugging other devices into the same outlet as the TV
  • Move away from other electrical devices from the TV

5. Software Errors

Software error within TV is another major cause for which your LG TV red light blinks 4 times. The factors responsible for it are:

  • Sudden power surge
  • Faulty program design
  • Programming errors
  • App/software bugs
  • Settings defect
  • Software complexity


You can quickly eliminate your LG TV’s software error issue by conducting a factory or hard reset. The other fixing ways are:

  • Ensure your home’s power stability
  • Take help from a TV technician to solve the TV’s programming errors, software bugs & complexity, and set defects

How to Perform Factory Reset?

Performing a factory reset is an excellent way to solve your LG TV red light blinks 4 times issue.

But this process erases all the saved preferences and downloaded content within the TV. Thus it is recommended only when you need to do it most. Follow the steps below to conduct the factory reset:

  • Step 1: Press your LG TV remote’s “Home” button
  • Step 2: Go to “Setting < General < Initial Settings Reset
  • Step 3: Now, you may need to enter a code. “1234” or “0000” are the default code
  • Step 4: Confirm “Factory Reset”
  • Step 5: Fully reboot your LG TV and wait to see whether it is perfectly working again or not
  • Step 6: finalize the reset setup following the TV’s on-screen instructions

How to Perform Hard Reset?

If your LG TV blink error codes for minor errors in its memory, the hard reset will clear it. However, this reset will not eliminate your saved preferences and downloaded content. Follow the steps below to perform the hard reset:

  • Step 1: Unplug your TV from the outlet and other connected devices, but before that, turn the TV off
  • Step 2: Now, unplug your LG TV from the main outlet or circuit board
  • Step 3: Press the TV’s power button and hold it for 30 seconds (Not the remote’s button)
  • Step 4: Wait for 10 minutes
  • Step 5: Turn on your LG TV again
  • Step 6: Reconnect all the devices and see whether your TV is properly working or not.


How do you fix an LG TV that won’t turn on?

First, unplug your LG TV from the outlet to fix the problem. Then wait for 60 seconds. This waiting time is your TV’s power reset time. Then plug your TV back in the outlet and turn it on. Hopefully, it will function properly.

What to do when your LG TV turns on, but the screen is black?

First, inspect whether your TV’s power supply connection is secure or not. Then for 30-60 seconds, unplug the TV’s external components. Next, move the TV’s HDMI cable to an alternate port by disconnecting it from the TV. Finally, plug the cable back into the outlet and turn on the TV.

Why is my LG TV flashing white light?

Using the same HDMI cable for a more extended period, wires stop working, video output settings issues, refresh rate setting problems, and improper resolution are responsible for your LG TV flashing white light.

How do I get my LG TV out of standby mode?

Turn on your LG TV and select your remote control’s “Setting” button. Next, press the remote’s “OK” button to select “All Settings.” Then select “General < Eco Mode.” Now turn off the setting’s 4 hours “Auto Power” by choosing the “Auto Power Off” option.


Now you know why your LG TV is blinking codes as we discussed all the major causes and solutions behind it. Expectantly, if now your LG TV red light blinks 2 times, 3 times, or 4 times you will detect and fix the issue by yourself instantly.

Still, comment and let us know if you are struggling to solve your LG TV blink error codes issue. Our expert TV technician will soon help you.

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