LG TV HDMI ARC No Sound [7 Easy Solutions]

HDMI ARC works awesome by connecting your LG TV with a single HDMI cable. For certain reasons, sometimes users face the difficulties of LG TV ARC no sound issue.

The major reasons behind this issue include incompatibility of the connected devices, damaged HDMI cable or HDMI port, and malfunctioning external devices. Furthermore, disabling HDMI-CEC settings and running the TV into backdated software may also be the cause for HDMI ARC not working on LG TVs. While resolving the issue, you have to ensure that devices must have to be compatible and ARC supportive. 

Anyway, just scroll down to the end to get a comprehensive guide on this fact. 

LG TV HDMI ARC No Sound [7 Easy Solutions]

Here, we have included all the trouble points that are highly responsible for causing LG TV ARC stopped working problem. Check out the effective resolving methods on each responsive factor below. 

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1. Devices Are Not Compatible

Usually, HDMI ARC works by connecting the TV through an HDMI cable. When your LG TV and HDMI ARC cable are connected properly, you will get the sound properly.

Here, the devices you are using connected by HDMI arc must have to be compatible. Also, if your HDMI ARC cable is not compatible with your LG TV model or your TV speaker system doesn’t support the HDMI ARC, there will be no sound.


  • When you are having no sound issue, first ensure compatibility. Make sure your TV supports the HDMI ARC. 
  • While buying an HDMI ARC ensure your TV or the sound system is compatible with the HDMI ARC.

2. Malfunctioning from External Devices

External device malfunctions are another cause behind LG TV HDMI no sound problem. When the audio device’s output setting isn’t enabled, you won’t get any sound.

Sometimes extra external devices like cable boxes, satellite receivers, and gaming consoles prevent audio from playing even though the ARC is connected properly.


  • First, check the TV is connected to the sound bar’s output settings.
  • For this go to the ‘Setting’ option 
  • From there select the ‘Sound Preference’ option
  • Now click on the ‘Sound’ option. Check if the sound is enabled now 
  • If there is still no sound, disconnect all other external devices  

3. Faulty HDMI Cable or Port

A faulty HDMI cable or the HDMI port is another main reason for the LG tv arc’s no sound. Here, either the HDMI cable is damaged or problems may be occurring from the defective HDMI port.

Another possible reason can be a loose HDMI cable. If the HDMI cable is loose, it clearly means that it hasn’t been connected either to your tv or the sound system. As a result, there will be no sound.


  • First, look through the HDMI cable whether it’s loose or damaged. If the HDMI cable is loose wiggle the cable in the device port, and you have to push the cable as far as it can go. Make sure there is no dust in the port
  •  You should use the new generation HDMI cable on your LG tv as HDMI arc only supports the new model. If the HDMI cable is damaged replace or repair the HDMI cable. Use a high-speed HDMI cable.
  • You can get a new HDMI cable for under 20$, depending on the length required according to how devices are placed. If your sound system is always near the tv, 6 ft should be fine 
  • When you find your HDMI cable is fine there can be a problem with the HDMI port. Plug the HDMI cable to another port in your LG tv.
  • If the HDMI cable works perfectly now you should change the HDMI port. Repairing an HDMI cable costs about $100 and $300 whereas replacing $200-$350.  

4. Clear Cache and Reset The LG TV

HDMI ARC works perfectly as long as your TV and the audio system are compatible. If there is no problem with the HDMI cable and the setting is correct, you have to do a power cycle now to resolve the problem.

The power cycle clears all the cache which is leading to the sound malfunctions and resets your devices. So, you should perform a power reset on the TV and the audio system to get the sound problem back to normal


  • Turn off your TV as well as the audio system 
  • Disconnect the main cord and the HDMI cable from the TV and the audio system 
  • Leave it for about a minute after disconnection 
  • After a few whiles reconnect the HDMI cable. Put the HDMI in (arc or eARC) input to the TV and the HDMI out (ARC or eARC) output to the audio system
  • Wait for some more minutes
  • Now reconnect the power cords to the devices
  • Turn on the devices, first turn on the TV, and then the audio system 
  • If it still doesn’t work, check whether the HDMI CEC is enabled or not. If not turn on the HDMI CEC

5. Disabled HDMI-CEC Setting

CEC or the Consumer Electronics Controls is a feature of HDMI which allows devices to connect to your tv. It can also control the sound system of the devices.

By any chance, if your CEC is disabled while connecting your TV with the soundbar, there will be no sound. So, it’s better to check whether your CEC,  if is enabled or not.


  • Open the ‘Setting’ menu with your remote. For this hold the ‘Setting’ button for 5 seconds
  • Now select ‘All Setting’ 
  • Head to the ‘General’ option from the left menu
  • Select ‘Simplink’ (HDMI CEC) and set it 
  • Now confirm it.

6. Factory Reset the LG TV

Factory reset is a useful method to remove all the bugs of your reset. A factory reset is a hard reset that clears all the information and settings of your TV.

It’ll also reset all the wrong settings for which your TV has no sound issue as well. Try a hard reset or factory reset to solve the sound issue. 

How to Factory Reset the LG TV?

  • Press the ‘Home’ or ‘Setting’ button which is on the side of your TV
  • Now navigate to ‘General’. For this press the ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Channel Up’ keys and the ‘Down’ keys.
  • Select ‘Reset Initial Setting’
  • At this time the LG TV will ask for your confirmation for a factory reset. Select ‘Confirm’ and enter your passcode.
  • If you have not set any passcode before, the default passcode can be 0000 or 1234
  • You are done. Now see whether the reset has solved your issue

7. Firmware Update the LG TV

A backdated software can be included as the main reason for not having any sound on your LG TV. If you aren’t updating your software for a long time, it’ll create malfunctions in your TV.

When you are having malfunctions or issues like no sound it’s a better idea to update your software. Here are the steps for you to follow.

How to Update LG TV Firmware?

  • First of all check for the automatic update.  On your remote press the ‘Home’ or ‘Start’ button
  • Now select ‘Setting’ then select ‘All Setting’ 
  • Select the ‘Support’ tab 
  • From the Support menu, select ‘Software Update’ 
  • Now you set it to ‘Allow Automatic Updates
  • To update your software manually, download the software update file from  LG Support Home Page
  • Put that file on the USB
  • Enter the USB into the back of your TV and follow the instructions on your TV 


Where is the ARC port on my LG TV?

If your TV offers compatibility with HDMI ARC, you will find an HDMI port on the back of your TV. There will be one or more ports labeled as HDMI and ARC.

Do all HDMI cables support ARC?

There is no specific HDMI ARC cable to get the ARC feature. Any HDMI cable can be used for every HDMI ARC or eARC port.

How do I convert HDMI to HDMI ARC?

To convert HDMI to HDMI ARC, plug the HDMI cable’s one side into the converter’s ARC port and the other side into the system’s ARC port. Connect the external speaker to the adapter’s output port and click the ARC button.

Which is better HDMI or HDMI ARC? 

HDMI cable is only able to transmit video images whereas HDMI ARC can also transmit audio from a TV back to the source. So just using one ARC cable you can get both audio and video transmission. 

It’s A Wrap!!

Hopefully, you are now aware of every possible reason for the no sound problem on LG tv. We believe, troubleshooting the issue is not so hard as long as you are following the above guide. 

If you still have any more queries related to this, please be hurry to inform us. We are looking forward to your comment. 

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