Mitsubishi DLP TV Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Mitsubishi DLP TV won’t turn on due to fluctuation in power supply, wrong input source, defective remote control, or broken backlight of the TV. Other major reasons behind this issue include problems with the fluorescent lamp t-con panel and failed capacitors.

You have to examine each of the TV parts to figure out the above trouble points. After determining what might be causing your Mitsubishi DLP not to turn on, you will certainly need a well-proven guide to resolve the issue.

Follow the below Mitsubishi DLP TV troubleshooting guide to fix the issue effectively.

Mitsubishi DLP TV won’t Turn on [7 Easy Solutions]

Here is the complete guide that will explore all the possible causes for failing tv to turn on and what you should do to fix them. Let’s start.

1. Faulty Power Supply

If your Mitsubishi DLP TV is not powering on, there are surely fluctuations in the power supply.

The problem may start with the electrical outlet. Before moving to the solution steps, it is essential to figure out are possible reasons for a bad power supply

  • Non-working power source
  • Defective external devices 
  • Blown fuse
  • Damaged circuit breakers
  • Defective power cord
  • Cracks and damage to external wires
  • Old and corroded cable connection
  • Insufficient power surge controller
  • Defective HDMI cable
  • Bad mainboard
  • Irregular voltage readings on the voltage regulator
  • Faulty video and audio connections


  • First, disconnect your TV from the power source.
  • Then, verify that the wall outlet is in good working condition and has enough voltage supply.
  • Now, check out the power cord. Replace the defective cord.
  • Also, replace the damaged circuit breaker and blown fuse as well.
  • If you notice any cracks or cuts on external wires and cables, replace them.
  • Ensure a snug connection of all cables and wires.
  • After ensuring all the above steps, connect your TV to the different wall outlets.
  • If you need to reset your Mitsubishi TV, just unplug the TV from the electrical source for 30 seconds.
  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds.

2. Problems in Fluorescent Lamp T-con Panel

A faulty T-con board is another potential reason behind the Mitsubishi Dlp tv not turning on.

There have several parts on the board that may be burnt out or damaged. Anyway, this time, we will have to inspect the T-con board and verify if it is the culprit.


  • First, you have to disconnect the LCD panel from the T-con board.
  • Now take the board for visual inspection.
  • Go through a cleaning process on the board using a brush and contact cleaner.
  • Check out the DC supply voltage on the board.
  • Also, do initial testing of the basic component of the board.
  • Replace the defective t-board with the suggestion of experts.
  • The problem should be gone. 

3. Wrong Input Source

Other potential issues may include incorrect input sources. To operate the TV, you will have to set the TV in all the accurate input sources.

There may have several input sources connected to your TVs, such as HDMI-connected devices or a USB drive.

Now, you have to ensure that the correct input is selected. You can change the source either by remote or by the buttons on the TV itself. Here are the needed steps:


  • To change the input, move to your TV front panel.
  • Press the “Menu” button on there.
  • Go to the input source option from the Menu.
  • Now check out the selected input sources.
  • To change the sources, use the Volume Up and down buttons.
  • Once the option is highlighted, press ‘Enter’ to confirm it.

4. Factory Reset the TV

After all the above troubleshooting processes, a factory reset on the TV will surely prove well. A factory will not only restore the TV to the factory default configuration but also assist the system in clearing out all the software bugs easily.

If your Tv is not updated with the latest firmware for so long, you need to do this right now.

How to Reset Mitsubishi TV without Remote

  • You will find a reset button configured, which you can use to reset the system at any time.
  • Open the front panel to access the button
  • You will see the “System Reset” button there. Press the button using any sharp things like the tip of a paper clip.
  • The green light on the front panel will start flashing. 
  • Wait for about one minute until the light stop flashing.
  • Now turn on the TV and see if the process works or not.

5. Defective Remote Control

If still, your TV is not turning on, there would be a higher possibility of a defective remote control.

In most cases, the remote control stops working, and you are trying to turn on the TV using this. There may have dead batteries that are becoming obstructions to operating the remote. 


  • First, change the batteries of the remote.
  • Before inserting the batteries, press the power button on the remote control for about 20 seconds. This will do a hard reset on your remote.
  • Insert the new batteries in the correct direction.
  • You have to ensure that all the buttons on the remote are in good condition.
  • Now check if the TV is turning on by pressing the power button on the remote.

6. Broken Backlight

There may have an issue with the backlight of the TV. Backlight is an essential element of the TV, which controls the intensity of the lighting source for the TV.

It has a big role in appearing on the TV screen. But for several reasons, the backlight might be broken or burnt out. For that, we can’t see the image even if the TV is turned on. 


  • To confirm the suspect of the backlight issue, you will need a flashlight.
  • Take the light very close to the TV screen. Turn the TV on.
  • If you see the image there, be sure the backlight is broken.
  • Replace the defective backlight

7. Failed Capacitors

Failed capacitors would be one of the possible reasons for occurring such an issue on TV. Capacitors functions as a reservoir of the electrical charge on the TV, it stores and releases the power to the TV system.

But when it fails to continue its functions, the TV power system starts malfunctioning. 


  • Locate the power board by disconnecting the back panel of the TV. 
  • You will see capacitors in cylindrical shapes in the middle of the mainboard. Now match out symptoms of bad capacitors like swelling up, popping up on the top, and slightly bent outwards instead of flat.
  • De-solder the bad capacitors and re-solder the fresh capacitors.
  • Reassemble the TV.


Why Is Mitsubishi TV Sound Not Working?

If there has no sound on the TV, increase the volume on the TV or the connected media devices. Incorrect audio settings, defective TV speakers, and faulty TV cables and ports are some other possible reasons. 

How To Do A Software Update On Mitsubishi TV Manually?

To perform the Mitsubishi DLP TV software update, go to the “Manage Vehicles” from menu. Then, select “FIRMWARE UPDATE” > “ACCEPT”. The updating procedure will automatically start.

Why is my Mitsubishi DLP TV HDMI not working?

Disabled HDMI is the leading reason behind the malfunctioning of the TV HDMI. Either the HDMI cable has been damaged, or has a loose connection. If the HDMI has already been enabled, do a hard reset on the TV.

Wrapping Thoughts

Hopefully, now you know all the causes behind the Mitsubishi TV not turning on. Troubleshooting the issue will seem a hard nut to crack if you know how to apply all the corrective approaches accordingly. 

We can expect that you will easily fix the issue by following the guide. Comment below if still you have any queries regarding this guide. We will reply ASAP.

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