Panasonic TV Blinking Red Light 10 Times [Solved]

Panasonic TV has a built-in SOS Detect circuit for fault diagnosis on the unit. When a fault occurs in the unit, the “SOS Detect” circuit is triggered and causes the Panasonic TV to shut down. The power LED indicator will flash a pattern indicating the circuit that has failed on the unit. 

Over Voltage Condition of SUB5V, DTV 9V, or SUB3.3V & the tuner power SOS is the error indication code of the Panasonic TV blinking red light 10 times.

The fault is the wrong diagnosis by the A board. When there is A board malfunction, or for a defective power board, it occurs 10 times blinking shut down. Overheating or voltage issues on the other boards are also relatable to the issue.

Quick Solution: Restart your TV to fix your Panasonic TV flashing red light 10 times issue.

If it can’t resolve the issue, you may need further diagnosis. So, here we’re going to discuss it in detail. Just keep reading till the end. 

Panasonic TV Blinking Red Light 10 Times [Solved]

Before starting the details, including all the possible reasons and solutions for Panasonic TV blinking red light 10 times, take a glance at the reasons behind the issue, for instance.  

Why Are My Panasonic TV Power Light Blinking 10 Times

The Panasonic TV power light blinking 10 times is the error indicative of the SUB5V SOS, main 3.3V SOS, DTV 9V SOS & the Tuner Power SOS. The P15V or the F_STB_15V can also be a reason behind the error code.

So, in the mentioned issue, there are two common causes. The first cause is the voltage issue on the Sub5V, main 3.3V, DTV 9V & the tuner power issue, and here, the question board is the A board. 

The missing or shorted P15V and the F_STB_15V is another probable cause. The P board is the board that is to be checked in this matter. There can be voltage issues on the other boards of the unit.

It’s also quite likely that the problem may be related to the fans or ventilation. Now, look through the whole article for more information. 

1. Restart The Panasonic TV

Panasonic plasma TV blinking red light 10 times is an issue which at times can be resolved by such an easy fix like restarting. When you reboot your TV, the unit completely shuts down.

It kicks out all the extra dwelling power that can make your Panasonic TV blink 10 times. So, do the process as follows. 


  • Turn your Panasonic TV off. 
  • Unplug the power cord of your TV as well as all the other cables from both sides.
  • Remove all the external devices and the connected accessories of your Panasonic TV.
  • Wait for at least one minute after the LED light is switched off. 
  • Press the power button on your Panasonic TV for 30 seconds. 
  • Connect the power cable without reconnecting any of the disconnected cables, external devices, and accessories. 
  • Now turn the TV on by pressing the power button.

2. Reset To Factory Default

Reset to factory default is a process where the TV cleans out all the data and its setting of it and starts like a new one on the day you purchased it. 

When you’re facing Panasonic TV 10 times, blink shut down, you can try the process described below. If the process works out, your Panasonic TV will turn on without blinking the red light. 


  • After unplugging your TV, locate the [Power] button & the [Volume Down] button on the Panasonic TV set.
  • Press both buttons at a time & hold those.
  • While holding the buttons, plug back the power cord of your TV. 
  • If you see the Panasonic TV on-screen logo, your TV has started after factory resetting. 
  • If not, proceed to the next probable troubleshooting method to solve the Panasonic plasma TV flashing red light 10 times.

3. Wrong Cable Connections

When there is a red light blinking, and the TV can’t power up, that means that the TV has encountered some kind of issue on the unit. A faulty cable connection can also make the 10 times red light blink on Panasonic TV. 

If the cables are damaged or not connected to the port snugly, the TV can’t get enough power to turn on and may cause the blinking 10 times. 

So, go through the checking process of the cables to eliminate this probable reason. 


  • Disconnect the cables of your TV. 
  • Look through the cables to see if there is any visible damage on the cables.
  • If you inspect any fault on the wires, repair the damaged one. 
  • If a replacement is needed, replace the old ones with a high-quality new one.
  • Check the ports in case those are grimy. Clean the dusty ports.
  • Also, ensure all the cables are on their correct input source & all the connections are snug with your Panasonic TV. 
  • While plugging the power cord, try to avoid using the power surges or the power strips as they can be a probable reason behind this. 
  • Plug back your TV into a different wall outlet to see anyhow it is related to the 10 times blinking issue.

4. Overheating Issue

Overheating of the unit is another probable reason behind the issue we’re discussing. When you leave your TV unattended for an extended period, the vents or slots become filthy, blocking the ventilation system.

You may be getting the Panasonic TV red light blinking 10 times due to overheating. 


  • Ensure the unit’s fans, and the airflow isn’t inhibited.
  • Check the vents or the slots of your TV if they are grimy or filthy.
  • Use a standard vacuum attachment and duster to clean the dust. 
  • Using a suction cup, remove the boards from the Panasonic TV and wipe them clean. 
  • Use a dry cloth and cotton swabs to clean the dirty vents on the casing.
  • Clean out the fans also to ensure a good ventilation process on your TV. Take the TV off the pedestal, lay it on the ground, and remove the back panel. 
  • Using rubbing alcohol, clean each fan thoroughly.
  • Remove all the things around your TV which can make your TV overheat.

5. Defective Power Board

A defective power board is one of the possible reasons for the Panasonic TV red light flashing 10 times where a shorted P15V or the F_STB_15V is missing or shorted is the culprit behind this. 

check the power board

The P15V and the F_STB_15V are created by the same circuit on the power supply circuit on your Panasonic TV. Sometimes a shorted P15V affects the F_STB_15V causing the Panasonic TV shuts down and to blink 10 times. 


  • Unscrew the back of your Panasonic TV & remove the back panel.
  • Check the power board if it is supplying the appropriate voltage on the other boards using a multimeter. 
  • When taking a voltage reading, place your meter’s probe on the test point or pin indicated before connecting the Panasonic TV to the AC line. 
  • The voltage you intend to measure on the power board will only appear for a brief moment.
  • Find out if there is 15V output on pins 7,8 & 9 on the P6 connector of the P board.
  • Check the F_STB_15V if it’s ok. 
  • If this voltage is ok, any other board is related to the issue. 
  • If there is any voltage missing or there is no voltage output on the pins of the connectors of the P board, then the P board is defective. 
  • Now go through the process to repair or replace the P board. You should take the expert’s suggestion relating to it as they can provide you with better suggestions and services.  

6. A Board Malfunctions

The possible reason that can make your Panasonic TV blink 10 times is the malfunctioning A board. When there is a missing or shorted SUB9V, SUB5V, and SUB 3.3V, the TV starts blinking 10 times as these voltages are operated by the A board. 

a board malfunctions 

The Panasonic TV goes to the self-diagnosis function and starts blinking 10 times if there is a wrong diagnostic by the A board. 

Look through the A board and the components on it to see if it’s at the fault. 


  • Disconnect the connectors A5, A6, and A7 on the A board located on the back of your Panasonic TV. 
  • Now plug your TV into the AC power line. 
  • If the TV turns on by itself with a white screen and power LED off, then the A board is faulty. 
  • Now determine if the board is required repair or replacement according to the damages on the A board. 
  • As the fault can be related to any of those components of the TV, the technician can recognize the exact fault and provide the best services to your TV. 
  • Call the Panasonic TV service center which will provide you services according to the warranty of your TV or take other actions. 

7. Faulty Circuit Boards Voltages

Since some sub voltages generated by the A board are connected to the other boards, it’s also likely one of the other boards like the SS board or SC board may cause the unit to shut down and the Panasonic TV to blink 10 times. 

faulty circuit boards

So, check out the other circuit boards on your Panasonic TV to determine the origin of the issue and resolve it. 


  • Check the boards of your Panasonic TV if they are getting enough power.
  • Also, check if there is any missing or short-out voltage. 
  • To find the faulty board, disconnect the boards one by one and check the LED light. 
  • Determine that specific board as a culprit when the connectors that provide the Sub-voltages to that board are disconnected and the Panasonic TV no longer shuts down. 
  • After finding out the faulty board, repair or replace those to solve the Panasonic Viera TV power light blinking 10 times.


Why is the Panasonic TV blinking red and not turning on?

When there is a faulty power cable or there is not enough supply of power, the TV can’t turn on due to a lack of sufficient power supply. A defective power strip can also be a reason behind this. 

How do I reset the Panasonic TV that won’t turn on?

When your Panasonic TV won’t turn on, unplug your TV, and leave it idle for 60 seconds to reset it. Press the power button on your TV & hold it for a duration of 30 seconds. Now turn on your Panasonic TV.

How do I factory reset the Panasonic Smart TV?

From the Menu, go to the [Setup] and then select [System]. Now choose [Factory Reset] and confirm the factory reset on your Panasonic smart TV. 

Final Verdict

In this small discussion, we’ve highlighted all the aspects relating to the Panasonic TV red light blinking 10 times including all the possible reasons and the solutions as well. 

Hopefully, our article is informative enough that no more searches are needed. If still if you’ve any more queries, inform us without delay. We’ll try to reach you ASAP.

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