Pioneer Receiver Pandora Server Error [3 Easy Solutions]

The most effective ways to troubleshoot the Pioneer receiver Pandora server error include updating firmware and resetting the main system. Also, you can reset the cable modem and wireless router to break down this issue.

Don’t get in trouble with the proper procedures for doing the above steps. Just read out our comprehensive discussion, and you will find all possible solution methods for this issue. So, without getting late, let’s get started.  

Pioneer Receiver Pandora Server Error [3 Easy Solutions]

Here we have included 3-straightforward ways to solve the Pandora server error on the Pioneer receiver. Go through it with us.  

1. Update the Firmware

Back-dated firmware is the major reason behind the pioneer receiver showing “server error” on the Pandora internet radio. Pandora is basically a personalized internet radio, which brings your favorite and newly discovered music.

If the receiver is not updated with the latest firmware, it will automatically show a “server error.” So, without getting late, update the firmware for your pioneer receiver. Here are the procedures to update it:

  • Before updating, you have to download the updated file from the computer. For this, search the updated software version files from the browser.
  • Download the file, and you will find it in zip format. Unzip it.
  • Then, restore all the unzipped files on your USB memory device.
  • Then insert the USB into the USB port of the receiver. You will find the port in the front panel of the receiver.
  • Now, come to the receiver. Press “Home Menu”
  • Then go to settings by selecting the settings icon on the screen.
  • Under the system settings, scroll down.
  • Find “System Information” and select it.
  • Then, select “Firmware Update.”
  • This time, the receiver will check if the USB device is inserted into the receiver or not. It will display a message for connecting USB flash.
  • Press “Continue”
  • Then, the receiver will start reading the updated files from the USB.
  • This can take up to 2 minutes for reading.
  • If it finds the updated version number, it will show some warning messages to start the updating procedure.
  • Press “Start.” Don’t disconnect the USB device while updating,
  • Hopefully, this time the receiver will not show “server error.”

2. Reset The Receiver

If the above process doesn’t work, you have to reset all the receiver’s settings to the factory default. Don’t get hassle. Here, we have included the complete procedure to reset the receiver:

  • Before starting, unplug all the external devices connected to the receiver.
  • Then, you have to switch the receiver into standby mode. For that, hold down “Band.”
  • Then, press and hold the “Standby/On” button
  • Continue pressing for about two seconds.
  • Then, you will see a “Reset?” message appearing on the screen. Press the “Auto Surround/Stream Direct” button.
  • After that, you have to press “ALC/STANDARD SURR” to confirm.
  • This time, you will see “OK” on display. This indicates that the factory reset of the receiver is being started and ongoing. 

3. Reset Cable Modem And Wi-Fi

Resetting the cable modem and the router will be much more effective if still, you see such errors on display. Here is the process to rest the modem and wireless router:

  • First, turn off your Pioneer Receiver.
  • Then, unplug the modem and wireless. 
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then, plug in them again.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to properly start.
  • Then, turn on your Pioneer receiver and connect to Pandora. 


How do you troubleshoot a Pioneer receiver?

When you find your Pioneer receiver is not working, first reset the receiver to fix it. Plus, replace the batteries if they are dead.

How do I clean my Pioneer unit?

Take a polishing cloth and carefully wipe out all dirt from the system. You may use a neutral cleanser for better cleaning. Never use furniture wax and harsh cleaning spray to it.

Why does my Pioneer receiver keep shutting off?

The problem is related to the stray speakers’ wires in the receiver. If the speaker wires are touched by the opposite poles, it constantly keeps the audio shut off.

Final Thought:

We can expect that by following our guide, you are not hassling with server issues on your pioneer receiver anymore. Don’t forget to share your valuable thought about this guide. Also, if you have any queries related to it, let us know through comments.

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