Quasar TV Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

The most common Quasar TV problems include not turning on, having no picture but sound, and in some cases, having pictures without any sound.  Also, screen images keep flickering, and the remote is not responding to the TV are also common problems that a user can face.

Through this article, we will highlight an exclusive guide on Quasar TV troubleshooting.  If you face any of the above problems, get the best solution below.

Quasar TV Problems [5 Easy Solutions]

Here, you will find all the possible reasons responsible for each problem. Moreover, by following our solution instructions, you will be able to fix that issue by yourself in a quite convenient way. So, don’t miss a single approach from our suggestions:

1. Quasar TV Not Turning On

It seems to be the most common problem of any quasar tv model. Sometimes, it is seen that there has power on the TV, but it fails to turn on. Several reasons are responsible for this issue. Like:

  • Faulty power supply
  • Defective power cord
  • Defective wall outlet
  • Drop-in voltage in electrical power
  • Cracked or worn-out wires
  • Power fluctuations
  • Broken Backlight
  • Defective motherboard
  • TV is on the wrong input source

Now fix the issue by following the below steps to fix the quasar tv won’t turn on the issue:


  • First, unplug your TV from the wall outlet.
  • Now, leave the tv unplugged for a while.
  • Plug the TV into a different wall outlet. 
  • Then, factory reset your TV with the appropriate methods.
  • Check out the power cord. Replace it if you find any defects there.
  • Make sure that there has a correct voltage supply on the electrical power
  • Turn on the TV and take a flashlight on the TV screen. If you see the image there, be sure the backlight is broken. Replace it immediately.
  • If still has the same issue, disconnect the back panel and check out the motherboard. Replace or repair the bad motherboard.
  • Don’t forget to check out the TV’s warranty and contact the dealer for this.

2. Quasar TV No Picture

Sometimes, it is seen that there has no picture after turning on the TV. But the power is on, and even the sound is working well. It is also in the row of the most common issue on any TV.

No picture, but having audio on the TV is a bit complicated to find the responsive reasons. But here are a few things that are highly responsible for this:

  • Faulty HDMI cable
  • Broken backlight
  • Wrong TV Input
  • Voltage inverter failure
  • Failure of a power board
  • Damaged TV panel
  • Faulty cable connection
  • Wrong or defective wiring connection
  • Activated sleep time
  • Bad capacitors

Now go through below corrective approaches to fix this issue from your TV:


  • Start by doing a factory reset on your TV.
  • Then, check out the power supply and ensure that there isn’t a voltage inverter failure.
  • Verify that the power save mode of the TV is not turned off.
  • Also, turn off the sleep timer if it is turned on.
  • Check out the HDMI cable. Replace it immediately, even if you find any short or regular wear and tear there.
  • Also, change the HDMI port and plug it into a different input as because sometimes the port shows malfunctions.
  • Inspect the tv and check the TV’s power board. You should have to replace the defective board.
  • Repair the backlight issue of issue. 
  • Finally, check out all the cable connections of the TV. Ensure that all are firmly connected to the TV.
  • Here, don’t miss the bad capacitor as well. Contact your TV’s customer support or a technician to replace it. 

3. Quasar TV No Sound

If you can see the picture on your Quasar TV, but there is no sound, it is also one of the big problems. Hardware malfunctioning is highly responsible for this. Some other responsive factors behind this issue are:

  • The sound might be muted
  • Volume is turned too low
  • Disconnection of the cables
  • Cables loose connection
  • Outdated TV software
  • Damaged built-in TV speaker
  • Defective power board
  • Wrong audio input settings
  • Faulty signal source
  • Corrupted TV setting

Anyway, before seeking any technician, it is a good recommendation to apply the below steps to fix this:


  • Start by checking the volume setting of the TV.
  • Make sure it is not muted or set to a maximum level.
  • Reset your TV to erase all the malfunctions.
  • Check the audio input of your TV and ensure that the cables are connected to the correct input option.
  • Disconnect all the cables and reconnect them properly.
  • If your TV is connected to the external speaker, ensure it is well working.
  • Inspect and replace the damaged motherboard.
  • If the same problem persists, be sure that the built-in speaker gets defective and needs to replace.

4. Quasar TV Keeps Flickering

This section will be supportive enough for you if your Quasar TV keeps flashing on and off. Flickering images on TV mainly occur from the loose connection of the cables and wirings.

Also, the wrong connection with the video source, excessive brightness, severe internal hardware issues, and bad connection with the internet are some of the root causes behind this. Moreover, we can’t ignore the outdated firmware in this case.


  • First, turn off your TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Now, disconnect all the cable connections and leave the TV unplugged for a while.
  • Meanwhile, check out the cables. Replace if you find any cracks or damage there.
  • Then, plug in the cables and turn on the TV.
  • Now, check the brightness level of the TV.
  • Change the placement of the TV and update the firmware.
  • Disable the power-saving mode.
  • If the problem is caused by internal hardware damage, contact the technician.

5. Quasar TV Not Responding to Remote

A remote that is not connecting to the TV creates such a big problem while operating the TV. The root cause would be the low batteries of the remote.

In other cases, signal interference in the path, the remote entire problem, and the wrong installation of the batteries inside the remote might be the reasons for causing this. Outdated TV firmware is also responsible here. 


  • First, change the batteries of the remote.
  • Also, make sure of proper installation while inserting the new batteries.
  • Remove all the hard obstacles that are creating signal interferences.
  • Ensure that the signal emitting from the remote is all right.
  • Update the TV’s firmware.
  • Sometimes, the dusty remote sensor inside the TV is the culprit. So, inspect the TV’s infrared beam receptor and clean it.
  • Replace the remote if needed. 


How do I factory reset on Quasar TV?

Press the power button and leave for 5 seconds. When TV is turning on, press the menu and source buttons simultaneously. Turn off the TV with the remote and turn it on again.

Is Quasar a good TV brand?

Quasar stands on the row of top-quality TV brands. They manufacture TVs having all high-quality features. So, Quasar TV will be pretty good if one looks for the best TV for their needs. 

Wrapping Words:

When the fact is about problems on complex devices like TV, certainly many of us get anxious. But it is quite easy to handle this if you have an effective guide to fix the problem. 

Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion will be helpful enough for you to deal with any type of issue on Quasar TV. Still, if you face trouble understanding any of the above steps, feel free to ask us through a comment. Our expert will help you ASAP.

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