Sharp Aquos Power Light Blinks 3 Times [7 Easy Solutions]

The major reasons behind Sharp Aquos power light blinks 3 times include a bad power supply or outdated firmware. Also, because of the TV’s overheating, the power light starts blinking as a fault indication.

Defective power boards or essential hardware failure are also some highlighted reasons for TV blinking problems.

Don’t worry. For all of your convenience, we are here to bring a comprehensive guide to fix this type of problem with your TV. 

Fixing the Sharp Aquos power light blinks problem will not be a hard task for you as long you will follow the below-assigned guide. So, let’s get started:

1. Power Reset Your TV

If your TV’s power light is blinking, there would be the possibility of internal glitches in your TV. Only a power reset can remove all the glitches and bugs stuck into it. 

A power cycle is a standard diagnostic procedure that will easily erase all the unresponsive factors that are responsible for your TV’s blinking problem.

Apart from this, it will drain the residual power from your TV and set it into a fresh mode. Anyway, do a power cycling on TV by following the below methods:


  • Unplug your TV from the power cord connection
  • Then, leave the TV for about 20 seconds to let it cool.
  • Plugin your TV into the wall outlet through a power cord.
  • Now, turn on your TV and see if still there is a blinking problem.

2. Bad Power Supply

After ensuring proper power cycling, your next should be to check the power supply of your TV. The insufficient power supply can be the root cause of occurring TV’s power light blinking issue.

Before moving through the troubleshooting part, let’s have a look what are the reasons for a bad power supply:

  • Defective power cord
  • Non-working wall outlet
  • Plug the TV via a surge protector
  • Loose cable connection
  • Blown Fuse
  • Defective remote control
  • Insufficient voltage supply
  • Damaged power cord
  • Defective TV input
  • Disconnected power cord

Now, fix the power supply malfunctions by following the below instructions:


  • First of all, check out the power cord and ensure it has no defects like nicks, cuts, or slices. Replace and use another cord with the same wattage.
  • Verify all the cable connections. Replace if you notice any damages there.
  • It will be better to plug your TV into a different outlet if you are suspecting an insufficient voltage supply.
  • Don’t connect your TV via a surge protector. Plug directly into the wall outlet.
  • Connect all the cables and wires firmly.
  • Sometimes, the defective remote control is the culprit. Change the remote batteries.
  • Then, power reset your remote by pressing the power button for 20 seconds. But remove the battery first.

3. Factory Reset the TV

In most cases, the TV power button starts blinking because of software malfunctioning or when the TV is running through software bugs.

So, it will be worth resetting the TV to factory default settings. Most importantly, all the software bugs will easily be eliminated after resetting the TV. Follow the below corrective approaches to perform the task:


  • Unplug your TV from the power source first.
  • Press and keep holding the ‘input’ and ‘channel’ buttons simultaneously using the TV’s remote.
  • Then, plug your TV back into the power source.
  • Wait until you see “Service Mode” on the screen.
  • Now, press the “Factory Reset” to start the procedures.
  • The TV will start resetting right after then and will complete after some while.
  • When done, check the power light now.

4. Outdated Firmware

Basically, when the TV power light blinks thrice or more, it is an indication or error. These types of errors appear mainly when the TV is running through outdated firmware. 

So, it is a high possibility that your TV is also not updated. Here are all the needed instructions which will assist you in updating your TV with the latest firmware:


  • First of all, you have to download the latest firmware from your PC.
  • For this, open your browser and search for the latest downloadable firmware files.
  • Download it and transfer all the files to a USB drive and then plug it into the TV’s port.
  • Go to TV’s “Menu” and then the “Digital Setup” option.
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • After that, enter the 4-digit password.
  • Press “USB Stick” and then “Enter.”
  • Your TV will start the update procedures.
  • When done, press “Enter.”
  • Now, your TV is updated with the latest firmware.

5. The TV is Overheating

Overheating the TV is one of the major reasons why the TV power light is blinking as an error indication. The blinking power light is the most obvious symptom that the entire hardware of the TV is overhearing.

First, let’s have a concern about what is responsible facts for TV overheating:

  • Clogged TV’s small ventilation slots 
  • Setting the TV nearby any heart source
  • Power outlet being burnt
  • Placing the TV in a closed environment

Now, go through the below instructions if you have a query on how do I stop my TV from overheating.


  • First, check the TV’s small vents. Ensure all that is dirt free and cleared for adequate ventilation,
  • Now, remove all the heat-producing electrical devices nearby from your TV.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the TV setup area.
  • Finally, remove all types of hard obstacles from the back of the TV. 

6. Electrical Fault with Power Board

A bad mainboard or power board can be another root reason if still, power light blinks on your TV. The problem most likely happens due to faulty or damaged capacitors. 

Or, sometimes, there may have severe damage to the entire component of the power board. Anyway, after applying all the above approaches, your next will be to inspect the power board and check it out deeply:


  • Unplug your TV first.
  • Now, remove the back panel of your TV and inspect the power board.
  • Look at the capacitor. It should be flat on the top.
  • But in any case, if you notice a domed or bulge appearing there, be sure you will need to replace this bad capacitor.
  • Remove the defective capacitor and attach a fresh new one there.
  • You may need to replace or repair the complete power board.
  • It will be better to contact the technician or manufacturers.

7. Mechanical Failure

Last but not least, we can’t ignore the hardware failure as one of the responsive factors causing the power light blinking problem. If none of the above-presented tips can’t be able to fix the TV power light blinking issue, there may have damage to the electrical circuit.

Or, sometimes defects on the inside essential TV parts are the culprit. It is important to find out the malfunctioning parts first. Contact the technician to precisely do the task.


Why is my Sharp TV not turning on but the red light is on?

The insufficient power supply is the root reason if your TV is not turning on. Check all the cable connections as well. Next, check if the backlight is broken. Sometimes, the faulty capacitor is the culprit.

How do get the Sharp TV out of standby mode?

First, go to “Setting Mode” and select the “Energy Save” option. Find out the “Power Management Setting”. Press the Auto Power Shut-Off. Your TV will be out of standby mode. Press “Continue” to start normal operation. 

What does OPC mean on the Sharp Aquos TV?

OPC on Sharp TV refers to Optical Picture Control. This function basically adjusts the backlight brightness of the TV. After activating OPC mode, the OPC LED will turn into green light.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, now you know how to fix the Sharp TV power light blinking issue. We can expect that you can conveniently solve your TV’s bling issue by following our above well-proven guide.

Still, if you have any questions regarding this article, don’t be late to let us know through comments. We will reply to you ASAP.

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