Vtech Baby Monitor No Sound [5 Easy Solutions]

Vtech baby monitors no sound mostly happens if the volume is mute, too low, or vibrates. Also, weak signals or the faulty speaker will not let to continue the fluent sound system. 

It seems to be the most common issue and so we are here bringing all hassle-free solutions and important instructions to break down this problem. So, don’t miss a single word from this exclusive article to learn in-depth about this fact.

Vtech Baby Monitor No Sound [5 Easy Solutions]

If you are confused about the responsible factors for the VTech baby monitor sound not working, go through the following 5 solutions. All will precisely work and assist you to free your device from this issue:

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1. Check Out The Speaker Volume Status

If there is no sound on your Vtech baby monitor, the wrong adjustment of speaker volume will be the first reason.

The volume you set on your monitor determines the volume of sound which is transmitted from the baby unit. When you can’t hear sound from your baby, note down the reasons:

  • The speaker of the parent unit may be too low
  • There may be a low VOX sensitivity level
  • The vibration feature is activated 

Anyway, let’s have a look at what to do in each case:

First: Increase the volume on your Parent Unit

  • Unmute the volume if that is so. Then, press the VOL+ to increase the volume.

Second: Turn off the vibration feature.

  • When the parent unit is not in use, press the MENU/SELECT.
  • Now, press the up arrow to choose VIBRATION.
  • Again press MENU/SELECT.
  • Then, press the up arrow to choose the OFF option.
  • Finally, press MENU/SELECT to turn off the vibration feature. A tone will confirm the action.

Third: Adjust the sensitivity level

  • Make sure the baby unit is turned on.
  • From the parent unit, select MENU/SELECT. 
  • Press the up arrow to choose SENSITIVITY and then press MENU/SELECT.
  • Now choose your desired camera by the up arrow button.
  • Press MENU/SELECT again.
  • Select the level high and press MENU/SELECT. 

2. Factory Reset Both Units

If there is all perfect speaker volume adjustment and still no sound, it is time to reset the units. Factory resetting is highly effective in preventing any unresponsive internal services of an electronic device. Follow our guides to get a clear idea about the resetting process for both units:

How To Reset Vtech Baby Monitor Parent Unit?

  • First turn on your parent unit.
  • Then you will find a RESET key at the back of the unit.
  • Take a pin and insert it into the hole. 
  • Just after then, the monitor will turn off.
  • After some while, it will again turn on when the resetting process completes.

How To Reset Vtech Baby Monitor Camera?

  • To reset the baby unit to factory default, press the PAIR key.
  • Keep holding it until you hear a beep sound.
  • Then, release the key and start pressing the same key about 5-6 times.
  • This time you will also hear another beep sound.
  • The final beep will confirm the resetting process of the camera. 

3. Broken Or Out Of Signals

When there is a weak signal between the units, it will fail to capture the sound from the baby unit. For maintaining a strong connection between display and sound, there should be a strong signal between them. Anyway, let’s have a glimpse about the major causes for a weak signal of both units:

  • The too-long distance between the units.
  • Unsecured installation of the parent and baby unit.
  • Obstructions between the camera and the monitor
  • Improper position of the baby unit.
  • Faulty/broken antenna.
  • The baby unit is not in the range of the parent unit.


  • First, make sure that there are not too long differences between the camera and monitor. But also not closer than 3 feet.
  • Now remove all hard obstructions that create interruption.
  • Mount the baby unit on a secured surface and also in the range of the monitor.
  • If your parent device has an antenna, make sure it is not broken. If that is so, repair or replace that immediately. 

4. Loose Connection To The Speaker

When all the above fixings are done and still no sound, there may have an unsecured inside speaker connection. It is time to inspect the monitor and check out the connection. Follow the below steps:

  • First, remove the plastic battery cover from the lower back cover of the device. 
  • When the batteries are exposed, take out the battery pack using your index finger to push the battery against the spring. Then pull up the batteries gently.
  • You will find two 11.2 mm screws located on either side of the battery slots. Unscrew them using a Philips Screwdriver 
  • Take a tiny flathead screwdriver and pry the connected clips which are holding the case together.
  • Now unscrew the two 6.8 mm Phillips head screws near the top of the circuit board.
  • Then, you will see a case holding the speaker. Here, you will have to unscrew the two 6.8mm Phillips screws to inspect the speaker.
  • If the speaker is unsecured, mount it in place. 
  • Then connect all the screws and reassemble the unit.
  • Turn on the parent unit and check the sound. 

5. Faulty Or Dead Speaker

Sometimes, the faulty speaker is the culprit, and the sound system starts malfunctioning.

When you find all the above steps not proving well, be sure the speaker of the parent unit gets either broken or defective. In order to replace the dead speaker, you need to contact a technician.


Why is my Vtech baby monitor not working?

The faulty power supply is highly responsible for this problem. Also, make sure both units are turned well and there is a strong connection between them. Remove the battery and reset the units. 

Why is my Vtech baby monitor not turning on the red light?

If there is no red light, be sure the batteries are drained or completely defective. To check this, plug in the power cable to the parent unit. If it works, replace the batteries. 

Wrapping Thoughts:

Hopefully, you are not troubling any sound problems with your Vtech baby minter device after trying out our effective and easy solutions. Still, if you have any questions regarding this fact, just leave a comment. We will reply to you ASAP.

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