Motorola Baby Monitor Sound Not Working [5 Effective Solutions]

Motorola baby monitor sound not working due to a weak signal or distraction of the speaker. Sometimes, defective speakers of both units are the culprit. If the sound is not muted, simply resetting will prove well.

However, today we are here with your Motorola baby monitor sound problem and its complete solutions. So, let’s check the reasons in-depth.

Motorola Baby Monitor Sound Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

Motorola baby monitor has no sound problems primarily happens due to low volume level. Increase the volume level first. If still you can’t hear the sound, read through this comprehensive guide.

1. Do The Reset On The Units

Several major reasons are responsible for sound issues on the baby monitor. Before moving those reasons deeply, it will be better to do a reset process on both units.

If there are silly problems or lacks inside the device, they will quickly remove by allowing a reset in the unit. So, go through the below process first:


  • First of all, turn off the parent unit.
  • At the same time, unplug the baby unit as well.
  • Now, remove the battery pack from the parent unit. Simply disconnect the back battery cover by unscrewing it. When the batteries are inspected, remove them.
  • Leave both units in this state for about 15-30 seconds.
  • After that while, plug the baby unit and turn on the parent unit.
  • If there is the too low charge, it also creates an issue. Recharge the parent unit right now. Also, don’t avoid dead batteries. It should be replaced this time.

2. Long Distances Between The Units

When your Motorola baby monitor beeps with no signal or out-of signal or weak signal between the units, it may cause a sound issue.

For communicating the display and the sound from the baby unit to the parent unit, there needs a strong signal. When there is a too long distance between them, the signal becomes weak.

Also, hard obstruction between them, frequency interference, and unsecured installment of the device lead to the weak signal issue. Without worrying, let’s know the solution steps:


  • First, check the distance of the units. Place them closer but not more than one meter.
  • Then, remove all the obstacles from the path.
  • Remove wireless devices like mobile phones Wi-Fi routers between them.
  • Place the camera in the range of the monitor.
  • Also, place the antenna in an optimal reception, where the camera is mounted.
  • Install the units on a secured surface.
  • After all, doing those, turn on the monitor and check the sound. If still the same issue, follow the next suggestions.

3. Unsecured Speaker Connection

After trying so long, it is time to check the speaker connection inside of the units. A loose connection to the speaker leads to sound failure.

Sometimes rough handling of the units distracts the entire components from their place. Anyways, by following some DIY fixes, the problem can be solved. 


  • At first, unscrew the battery cover. 
  • Then remove the battery. You will find one additional Phillips screw inside the battery compartment. Unscrew it as well.
  • Pry off the inside unit using a flathead screwdriver, and the power button will slot out. Here, you will find two wires leading to the speaker.
  • This time, place the battery back and turn the volume all the way up.
  • Now take a blow dryer on high and start heating the speaker up.
  • While doing these, move the two wires a little, which are attached to the speaker.
  • When you hear the sound, place the power button back in place. Connect all the screws and reassemble the unit. Turn on the monitor.

4. Faulty Parents Unit Speaker

If all the above steps rule out, the faulty speaker of the parent unit is undoubtedly the culprit. So, it is time to inspect the monitor and change the speaker.

For your convenience, we have included the right procedures for taking apart the plastic shell of the parent unit and replacing the speaker:


  • First, remove the battery cover by unscrewing it.
  • Lift the battery from its slot.
  • Take precision tweezers. Now grip the connector plug and wiggle it to remove the connecting wires.
  • Then, the battery will easily remove.
  • Unscrew the visible Phillips screw as well and pry open the inside unit.
  • Now, carefully grip the metal that is holding the speaker. Use tweezers for precisely doing it.
  • Then de-solder the connected wire to the circuit board. Remove the old speaker.
  • Place a new speaker in the right ways. Reassemble the unit and turn it on.

5. Defective Baby Unit Speaker

Sometimes, the speaker of the baby may be damaged, and you should replace it right now. Follow the below-suggested steps:


  • First, turn back the camera, and you will find four rubber feet all the bottom.
  • Take tweezers and carefully remove the feet.
  • Under the rubber feet, there you will see about 9.5mm screws. Unscrew them using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • After that, open the base of the camera unit.
  • The speaker will inspect. To remove it, you have to unscrew the attached screw.
  • Then, gently lift the speaker out by holding the wires.
  • Finally, de-solder the wires that attach the speaker with the circuit board.
  • Place the new speaker and re-solder the wires.
  • Reassemble the unit. And plug it on. 
  • Now pair the units and check the sound. When there is no sound, there is no way but to call a technician.

Note: Here you can read our guide on how to fix when Motorola baby monitor not pairing if you are struggling with a pairing issue.


Why is my Motorola baby monitor blinking red?

Your Motorola baby monitor blinkings with red because of the low battery in the unit. When the battery is too low and lost the router link, it signifies us by blinking red. It is needed to recharge the battery regularly. 

Why is my Motorola monitor screen black?

The major reason behind this problem is a faulty power supply. If the monitor is turned on, fix the defective power cord. Sometimes changing the outlets and resetting the unit prove well. 

How to get sound on Motorola baby monitor?

In Motorola devices, there have about 8 volume levels. Press the “+ UP” or “- DOWN” button to adjust the sound level. But make sure the camera viewing mode is on. 

Wrapping Words:

Still, wondering about how to fix the sound on the Motorola baby monitor? Hopefully, not. We can expect that now you are free of the sound issue on your Motorola Baby monitor.

But if any questions is bothering you, let us know through comments. Our expert is always ready to assist you.

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