Samsung TV Keeps Muting And Unmuting [Why + How To Fix]

Even though it’s a very common issue, we found many users complaining that Samsung TV keeps muting and unmuting itself. For sure, it’s an irritating problem but there are ways to fix it at home. But first, you need to figure out the exact cause. 

Generally, Samsung TV keeps muting itself for reasons like:

  • Poor Wifi connection
  • Problems with the Dolby Digital or HDMI cables
  • Issues with the Audio Video Settings
  • External device connection is poor
  • Problem with the internal speaker
samsung tv keeps muting and unmuting

Fixing these issues can help you get rid of this irritating issue. Additionally, some easy tricks like a power cycle, Smart Hub reset, remote reset, and factory reset can help you fix it as well. However, if you face the same problem on your TV, keep reading to get the solution.

Possible Reasons & Solutions For Samsung TV Keeps Muting And Unmuting: Quick Overview

If you are literally screaming saying ‘Why does my Samsung TV keep going on mute’ for no reason, you should first calm down and think about exactly what can cause this issue. In this case, we can help.

Before heading towards the explanation of all the reasons, how about having a quick overview of the problems that cause Samsung TV keeps muting itself?

Problem Solution
Wi-fi connection issue> Secure a stable and strong connection
The issue with the Dolby Digital> Adjust the Digital Output Audio format
Cable-related problem> Secure or replace the cables
Inaccurate Audio Video setting> Adjust the A/V setting
Problem with the Amplifier or the Soundcard> Secure the wiring and reset the sound settings
Connection issues with the external devices> Secure a proper connection and fix the damaged wire
Issues with the internal speaker> Replace the speaker if needed

Samsung TV Keeps Muting Itself [7 Causes And Solutions]

Now, you must have an idea exactly why you have a Samsung TV mute problem out of the blue. But knowing the reasons is not enough alone. You should learn how to figure them out and also, how to fix them.

Remember that identifying the actual cause is the most difficult challenge here. You won’t believe how long it took for me to figure out the issue when it happened for the first time with my TV.

However, once you find out where the issue is, you can easily fix it at your home if there is nothing with the internal parts or hardware.

1. Wrong Network Setting

The most common cause why your Samsung TV keeps muting and unmuting itself is the TV’s connection to the Wi-Fi that isn’t steady. Weak or unstable Wi-Fi can make the TV lose its network link and finally result in muting itself.

If your TV is trying to connect to the wrong Wi-Fi or if the Wi-Fi password isn’t entered correctly, the TV can continue trying to connect. This process will interrupt other operations and the TV will mute and unmute itself.

Again, mistakes in the TV’s network settings, like the DNS or IP address, can mess up the network connection. This struggle can also lead to the TV muting and unmuting.

How To Fix:

If you guess that the problem is with the connection, you should take several steps to fix it. Let’s check what can help to fix this issue:

Strong Wi-Fi Signal

Make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong. To do this, you might need to move your router closer to the TV. You can even use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal for the TV.

Confirm The Right SSID

You have to check your WiFi network connection first. Your TV should be on the right SSID to have the right connection. You can check whether the SSID is right or wrong by following the steps below:

  • Get the TV remote and press the Settings button then tap on the General option and after that select Network.
  • Now, choose Open Network Settings.
  • Find the option for SSID. Tap on it and see whether it is on the correct wireless network name (SSID) or not.
  • If it was wrong you have to select the right SSID.
  • Now, you will check the Wi-Fi Password and if you select a new SSID then input the password in the box.
  • Double-check that you’ve typed the correct Wi-Fi password. If you’re not sure, find it on your router or ask your internet provider for help.

Reset Network Settings

If you suspect network settings are wrong then you should reset the network. For that simply navigate to Settings then press the General option. Now select the Network panel and press on the Reset Network option.

Here, you have to reconnect the TV to Wi-Fi by entering the right network name and password. Make sure to input them properly to avoid further potential errors.

Restart The TV And Router

After any changes, you should restart both the TV and router. It helps refresh the network connection and activate the changes properly.

If you follow these steps properly, you should be able to fix your Samsung TV’s muting and unmuting issue. These tricks once worked for me. Well, if it still doesn’t work, you should contact Samsung Customer Care or your internet provider for more help.

2. Active Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital audio settings issues can also cause Samsung TVs to mute and unmute themselves. When your TV receives a Dolby Digital audio signal from a source like a Blu-ray player or streaming device, it should properly understand and play in high-quality audio format.

active dolby digital

If your TV is not set up correctly for Dolby Digital, it can misinterpret the signal. This signal issue might cause the muting and unmuting problem.

How To Fix:

To fix this issue, you should fix the Digital Output Audio format. For that, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, go to your TV’s Settings menu.
  • Then navigate to the Sound settings and then Expert Settings or Advanced Audio Customization.
  • Then find the Digital Output Audio Format setting and press on it.
  • Now you have to choose the correct audio format that matches your TV and audio equipment capabilities. They are Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, or Dolby Atmos for Dolby Digital audio signals.
  • Your TV will correctly process and play the sound, as you have adjusted the Digital Output Audio Format to match the audio signal.

Just by adjusting the Audio output setting, you can easily solve the sound errors caused by Dolby Digital compatibility issues. On my TV, this feature often caused a lot of issues that’s why I used to keep it turned off.

3. Check HDMI Cables

When a TV from Samsung keeps muting itself repeatedly, the trouble often lies with the HDMI cables. If these cables aren’t working right, it can mess up the TV sound.

samsung tv audio cable

A few things can go wrong like loose or damaged cables, or maybe they’re not snug in their spots. When they don’t connect well, it can trigger the TV to mute and unmute without warning. You might even find HDMI cable compatibility issues causing sound problems.

How To Fix:

To tackle this problem, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

Check Connections

You must make sure all your HDMI cables are plugged in correctly and tightly. Sometimes, they wiggle loose and cause sound interruptions. It’s a very common problem and it might be the case for your TV’s sound problem.

Unplug And Replug

If you find everything in fine condition, you should unplug the HDMI cables and then plug them back in. This simple action can often reset things and fix the muting issue. You can even switch places for the HDMI plug heads.

Inspect For Damage

You should examine the cables closely. If you spot any damage, like frayed wires or broken connectors, replace them with new cables. You should get a good quality HDMI cable with industry-standard ratings.

Secure Cable Path

You have to make sure the cables aren’t twisted or bent too sharply, as it can weaken the signal. Also, you should keep them on a smooth path from your TV to your devices.

4. Active A/V Setting

Sometimes, the Samsung TV is on the active A/V settings, and that disrupts the common sound settings. The A/V input of the Samsung TV is responsible for displaying the videos and sound from different sources.

active AV setting

When this input has an issue, it works weirdly. As a result, there can be different video and sound-related issues. In this case, problems like the Samsung sound bar keeps muting can happen at any time.

But I know, how to fix it. Well, it’s nothing but simply adjusting a specific setting on your TV. Let’s see what’s that:

How To Fix:

To solve this issue you have to adjust the A/V support settings. Just go through the following steps for that:

  • Use the remote you have to navigate to the TV’s Home menu.
  • Now, find and press on the Settings menu.
  • After that, You have to choose Sound Settings.
  • Next, look for Speaker Settings or a similar option.
  • In this phase, you have to select Receiver (HDMI) to route audio through your external audio equipment. You will find it in the list of speakers section in the speaker settings.
  • If it’s on the AV setting, you should set it to Receiver (HDMI). It will eliminate any other errors in the signaling process.

It should stop the TV from muting and unmuting, as it won’t struggle with audio output from various sources.

5. Issues With The Sound Card 

The Samsung TV muting and unmuting itself can also be the result of problems with the sound card or the sound amplifier. The sound card is a part inside the TV that handles the sound. If it’s not working correctly, it can lead to this issue.

How To Fix:

There can be different issues with the sound card or amplifier. For those issues, the solutions are different. You can check the following issues on the sound card and fix them as well.

Fix The Loose Connections

If the cables connecting the sound card or amplifier are not properly plugged in, or if the wires are damaged, it can disrupt the sound and cause the TV to mute itself.

In this case, make sure all the cables are securely connected and that there are no damaged wires. This can solve the problem without much hassle.

Reset Sound Card

Sometimes, the sound card has the wrong setting and you need to reset it. Samsung TV Sound Settings is the only thing that can reset the sound card too. 

reset the samsung tv sound

For that, just go to Sound, then Expert Settings, and select Reset Sound. It will reset the sound and fix the amplifier setting too.

Adjust Audio Settings

Adjusting the audio setting can also help you fix issues with the sound card. For that, you can follow the steps below:

  • On the remote, press MENU on your Samsung TV.
  • Go to Settings, then Audio Settings, and choose Digital Output.
  • Here, you have to select either Bitstream or PCM based on your system’s capabilities.
  • At this point, the sound card should work properly.

Replace Faulty Equipment

If the sound card or amplifier is still causing issues, it may need to be replaced. It’s best to consult a qualified technician for diagnosis and repair.

We won’t suggest trying it yourself if you are not a professional. Besides, removing the rear panel of the TV to check the sound card can break the rule of its warranty.

6. Issues With The External Devices

The sound of your Samsung TV can also go mute and unmute when external devices are not connected properly. They can be devices like your game consoles or Blu-ray players. 

If the TV’s connections with those external devices are not secured, your TV can face issues like sound going and coming back. In this case, it’s not actually muting and unmuting, but it simply causes sound to go and come back.

How To Fix:

If your TV is connected to an external device, and you assume that can be the issue, you can fix it by following the steps below:

  • Examine all cables carefully and ensure they are snugly connected to both the TV and the external device. 
  • If cables have loose connections, gently tighten them up. 
  • Try using new or different cables to see if the old ones were the problem.
  • Ensure your external devices have the latest software updates. Outdated software can sometimes cause sound hiccups.
  • If cables are damaged, replace them with new ones.

Besides this issue, Samsung TV can have many different sound problems like it’s being too loud when turned on. If this problem appears, you can fix it with the comprehensive guide on Samsung TV volume loud when turned on we cover this topic.

7. Problem with the Internal Speakers

Finally, this problem can be the cause of the issues with the internal speaker. This speaker is usually linked to a malfunction in the TV’s sound system. It can have issues over time and cause these interruptions.

For the same reason, your Samsung TV mute icon flashing automatically even if you didn’t actually tap on the mute button. I had to suffer a lot from this issue as I was not aware of what to do. Then, a professional technician who was a friend showed me the way to fix it.

How To Fix:

To resolve any issue with the internal speakers, you should first check the speaker connections and make sure that they are firmly secured to the TV. If they’re loose, tighten them up to ensure a stable connection. In this case, the sound reset can help too.

So, these are the basic causes why your Samsung TV keeps muting and unmuting. If you manage to find out the exact issue on the TV, you can easily fix it.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Keeps Muting Itself

In the above section, we have discussed the common causes why Samsung TV keeps muting and unmuting. Now, you must be thinking about what to do if you can’t figure out the cause yourself. 

In this case, you try some troubleshooting. We can’t be sure exactly which one will work as the cause is not sure, but they must work by any means, especially if there is no hardware issue.

1. Check the Remote Control

If the mute button of your remote is stacked or not working, it can cause your Samsung TV to keep muting itself. So, check your remote fast and make sure that there is no issue with the remote button. 

You can clean the remote and change the batteries to make sure that it works properly. Besides, you should use the original remote instead of the third-party remotes so that there is no synchronization-related problem.

2. Reset The Remote

Even though there is no button stacked on the remotes, it can still be a problem if it loses the connection with the TV. In this case, you need to reset the remote. 

For that simply remove the batteries, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds, and then reinsert the batteries. This simple procedure can often resolve issues and restore functionality to the remote control.

3. Power Cycling Samsung TV

Just a simple power cycle can often fix silly issues like Samsung keeps muting itself. To power cycle your Samsung TV, you should unplug it from the power source and wait for about 30 seconds. 

Reconnect the power, then turn the TV back on. This process helps resolve different issues by clearing temporary glitches. It also ensures a fresh start for the TV.

4. Update TV Software

You should check if your Samsung TV has the latest software or not. If the software is Outdated, you should immediately update the software. It is easy. Just choose Support in the Settings and then Software Update. 

tpdate the samsung tv software

If there is any new update file available, it will be there. Tap on it to update the software. Once it’s done, restart the TV. That’s it.

5. Reset Smart Hub

Resetting the Smart Hub on a Samsung TV can sometimes fix different Samsung TV volume problems. To reset the Smart Hub, you should go to the Settings menu, select Support, and then choose Self Diagnosis. 

reset the samsung tv smart hub

From there, select Reset Smart Hub. It will clear any issues related to apps and the Smart Hub interface. Samsung TV Smart Hub reset won’t affect the existing settings on your TV.

6. Factory Reset Samsung Smart TV

If none of the above techniques work, you should Factory reset your Samsung Smart TV. For that, you can navigate to the Settings menu, select General, and then choose Reset. It can also be named as Factory Reset.

Generally, a Factory Data Reset returns the TV to its original settings. But it erases all personal data and customizations. So, you should think twice before performing a factory reset on your TV.

7. Contact Samsung TV Customer Support

Well, if you are not so lucky the problem might be with the hardware. Figuring out exactly where the problem is inside the TV is difficult. So, when none of the above tricks are helpful, you should contact Customer support of Samsung.

You can get their contact info on the Samsung Official Website. If your TV is still under warranty, they will definitely fix it for you. And if the warranty period has been over, you can contact a professional technician in this case.


Why is my smart TV stuck on mute?

In most cases, the sound on your Samsung TV is muted because of the issues with the remote. The button can be stacked or malfunction. It can also happen because of different internal issues as well.

Why is sound muted automatically?

The sound on your Samsung TV can be muted automatically because of different issues like HDMI cable problems, connection problems, external speaker problems, and so on.

Does Samsung TV come with an Auto Mute function?

Most Samsung TV doesn’t come with the Auto mute option even though there is an Auto Volume option. The Auto volume function can be used as the auto mute by keeping up the volume to the lowest.

Wrapping Up

To be true, Samsung TV keeps muting and unmuting is not a very common issue. Still, it can happen because of many internal and external problems. You have already learned them.

Now, it’s your turn to find out what’s actually happening on your TV. Is it something with the Wi-Fi connection, Dolby settings, or cables? You should check your TV well so that you can figure out the exact issue.

If you fail, just give it a try on the troubleshoots. They are sometimes more effective. However, if your Samsung TV volume is too low even at 100, you should read this explained guide to know how to fix it.

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