Toshiba TV Won’t Turn Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Your Toshiba TV won’t turn off mainly because your TV’s remote is not working, TV’s malfunctioning power button, failed power supply board, a defective main board, and a lousy HDMI cable connection. If your Toshiba TV refuses to shut off, check for the culprit from the above factors. 

toshiba tv won't turn off

First, you need to soft reset, and hard reset your Toshiba TV to fix this hitch. If resetting doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to check and replace your Toshiba TV remote and its battery to fix this. Also, replace your TV’s lousy power button, faulty main board, and malfunctioning power supply board. 

We conducted in-depth research on each of the above factors and explained the exact causes and solutions of each in this article. So sharply go through each point, and you will surely learn how to fix your Toshiba TV won’t shut-off issue by yourself. 

Toshiba TV Won’t Turn Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Suddenly your Toshiba TV may start acting abnormally. When you try to shut off your TV using a remote or power switch, it won’t turn off.

Your Toshiba TV may refuse to shut off mainly for the following reasons, and their simple solutions are: 

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1. TV Remote Is Not Working

When you try to turn off your TV using the remote control, it may fail to shut off due to a fault in it. If your TV’s remote control stops working for any reason or something blocks the remote’s IR sensor, then you will not be able to shut off your TV using the remote. However, the reasons responsible for it are:

  • Remote’s broken button
  • Dead or damaged batteries
  • Blocked IR sensor
  • Incorrectly programmed universal remote
  • The TV’s remote control is not correctly paired with your Toshiba TV
  • Remote’s dirty battery terminal


Set your Toshiba TV’s remote control towards the TV and check whether its sensor is perfectly working or not.

If the remote fails to turn off your TV, this means your TV remote’s IR sensor is facing blocking due to various electrical systems. Do the following to resolve the above difficulties:

  • Check all buttons on your TV’s remote. If any button is broken, it’s better to replace the entire remote.
  • Remove your Toshiba TV remote’s damaged batteries and press your remote’s power button for 8 seconds to reset it. now reinsert the new batteries
  • Ensure your remote’s IR sensor perfectly connects with your TV and there is no blockage.
  • If you are using a universal remote to operate your Toshiba smart TV, ensure this remote is correctly programmed.
  • Make sure your Toshiba TV’s remote control is correctly paired with the TV.
  • Clean the filthy battery terminal on your remote

How To Turn Off Toshiba TV Without Remote/ What To Do If Your Toshiba TV Won’t Shut Off With remote?

If, for any reason, your TV or remote controls IR sensor gets blocked, and you fail to shut off your Toshiba TV with the remote, don’t worry. Still, you have the option.

Use your Toshiba TV’s power button to turn off your TV. If the remote control is the culprit other than your TV’s internal hardware failure, then surely your Toshiba TV will shut off by its power button. 

2. TV’s Power Button Is Not Working

If you tried to turn off your Toshiba TV using its power button and it fails to shut off, you should also check your TV’s on/off button. 

tv's power button is not working

The faulty on/off power switch of your Toshiba TV could be another reason for which your TV refuses to shut off. However, the leading causes of this hitch are: 

  • Broken or damaged power button
  • The power button fails to receive a signal or command
  • Stuck power button


If your Toshiba TV’s power on/off switch is the culprit, then your TV will not either turn on or off using this button. So the only way to fix this problem is to replace the faulty power switch. The other practical solutions are:

  • Check for the physically damaged or broken power button on your Toshiba TV and replace it
  • Make sure your newly installed power on/off switch is perfectly working on the command
  • Ensure your Toshiba smart TV’s power button is not stuck in a particular position

3. Power Supply Board Failure

Power supply board malfunction is one of the main reasons why your Toshiba TV won’t turn off with the remote.

Whether your Toshiba TV fails to turn off or on or shows a black screen, mainly the faulty power supply board is responsible for it. The factors that lead to this trouble are:

  • Broken, damaged, or lousy power supply board itself 
  • Bad electrolytic capacitors 
  • Power outage 
  • Cracked PCBs 
  • Blown fuse 
  • Damaged FETs and ICS 
  • Broken MLCC components 
  • Overheating 
  • Electricity frequency variation 


When your Toshiba TV refuses to shut down after trying several times, you should unplug the TV’s power cord from the power source. Now, after a few minutes, plug it back. If the problem still persists, you should follow the solutions below: 

  • Replace the broken or damaged power supply board, lousy electrolytic capacitors, blown fuse, cracked PCBs, broken MLCC components, and damaged FETs and ICS.
  • Install voltage stabilizer to tackle power surges or outages and electricity frequency variation 
  • Don’t run too many appliances at a time in a single wall outlet to avoid overheating. Also, don’t run your Toshiba TV for an extended period. 

4. Faulty Main Board

Find out your Toshiba TV’s mainboard by removing its back panel. Unplug the cables between your TV’s mainboard and the power supply board.

faulty main board

If your TV’s light is on, it means the mainboard becomes defective, and the power supply board is working. The causes of motherboard malfunction are:

  • TV is going through excessive heat exposure
  • Bad capacitors
  • Blown fuse
  • Overheating
  • Physically damaged or broken board
  • A power surge or power outage
  • Damaged, broken, or melted internal components
  • Loose wiring connection


First, reset your TV to see whether the issues are solved or not, and then check your TV’s motherboard. To check whether the faulty main board is the culprit or not, you need to remove your Toshiba TV’s back.

Then unhook the infrared sensor board’s connector and, using the TV’s power button, try to turn on your TV.

After turning on your Toshiba TV, turn it off again. If your TV perfectly runs without the connector, i.e. turning on and off, that means the main board is defective. And you need to replace your TV’s motherboard. The other solutions are:

  • Avoid putting your Toshiba TV in direct heat or cold exposure
  • Replace the faulty capacitors, blown fuse, broken or physically damaged board, and broken or damaged internal components
  • Avoid running your Toshiba TV at a stretch for a long time to prevent your TV’s overheating
  • Install voltage stabilizer to reduce the power surge  
  • Tighten the internal wiring connection and replace the faulty wiring

5. HDMI Cable Malfunction

An insecure HDMI cable connection or faulty cable is another reason why your TV won’t turn off with the remote. Your TV may act abnormally because of this improper HDMI connection.

Mainly the damaged or broken HDMI cable, loose wiring connection, and faulty port are responsible for this trouble. 


Check your TV’s HDMI cable connection and replace the broken or faulty cable and lousy port. Also, tighten the loose connection. However, to fix this problem, follow the ways below:

  • Unplug your Toshiba TV from the electrical outlet
  • Then, unplug your TV’s power and HDMI cable
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds
  • Re-plug the power cable and HDMI cable back into the TV and give power to your Toshiba TV

How To Soft Reset Toshiba TV

One of the simple ways to solve your Toshiba TV’s power-related or software issues is to perform a soft reset on it. The easy resetting steps are:

  • Firstly press your Toshiba TV’s remote control’s power button to turn it off
  • Wait for a few seconds (60-90 seconds)
  • Then again, press your TV remote control’s power button to turn your Toshiba TV On  
  • The reset process is done

If your TV turns off using either the remote or power button after performing a soft reset, it’s OK. But if the hitch persists, you should try again to fix it by performing a hard or factory reset on your TV. 

How To Hard Reset Toshiba TV

The simple steps for performing a hard reset on your Toshiba TV are:

  • Take your Toshiba smart TV’s remote control and press its Home button.
  • Now on your TV’s top menu, go to the Setting option and press your remote’s down arrow.
  • Navigate to Devices and Software and press the button “OK.”
  • Scroll down and find the Factory Default Reset setting option and then press OK
  • Confirm the Factory Defaults and Pop Up box reset
  • Wait for some time. After completing the Factory reset, your Toshiba TV will completely erase your TV memories and data.


Why does my Toshiba TV turn on by itself?

Your Toshiba TV turns on by itself because your TV setting’s internal timer is set to turn on. Also, other factors are, foreign matter around your TV remote control’s power button, the remote’s stuck power button and TV is connected to an external device, etc.

Why is my Toshiba TV turning on and off?

Your Toshiba TV is turning on and off because your TV’s sleep timer is On. Also, the On power-saving functions, including the On Timer, Standby, and Sleep timer, are causing it. Again, the low battery on your remote sends a wired signal to your TV, automatically turning it on and off.

Why is my Toshiba smart TV not working?

Your Toshiba smart TV may stop working because of the faulty mainboard, bad power supply board, lousy HDMI port or cable connection, bad digital video signal board, etc.

Does Toshiba TV have a reset button?

Yes! Your Toshiba TV’s physical power button is its reset button. You can reset your TV by continuously holding this power button and following your TV’s instructions.

Wrap Up

So, why your Toshiba TV won’t turn off now, you know all the reasons behind it. Optimistically, you will be able to fix your Toshiba TV’s not turning off issue following our detailed guide. 

However, if you still suffer from this hitch, you can contact Toshiba’s customer care helpline or comment in the comment section. We will help you soon.

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