JVC TV Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

JVC TV troubleshooting guide has the solutions to major problems including the TV won’t turn on, no picture, no sound, and no signal on TV, the TV turns on but black screen.

Also, the other problems are the TV’s blinking screen, and the TV won’t turn on or off but keep flashing various colors, the TV keeps turning off, and the TV turns on and off repeatedly. 

To fix all these above issues, in general, one of the common solutions is to soft reset and factory reset your JVC TV.

Also, ensure your TV receives proper power to run and that your TV’s main power board and circuit board are working perfectly. Make sure your TV remote and its buttons are working perfectly. 

To know all the detailed causes and solutions of each factor, you have to go through this troubleshooting guide. And you will certainly learn how to solve your JVC TV’s different disputes by yourself. So, let’s start.

JVC TV Troubleshooting [9 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide contains the solutions to all the major issues that you may encounter using your JVC TV.   

1. JVC TV Won’t Turn On

JVC TV not turning on is a major problem that users often encounter. After using it for years, suddenly, you may experience that your JVC TV does not turn on, and there is no light or signal on it. The causes of it are:

  • Power board failure or faulty power source 
  • Faulty or damaged internal parts in TV 
  • Blown fuse 
  • Malfunctioning starter box 
  • Defective high-voltage transformer 
  • Damaged remote unable to turn on the TV 
  • Remote’s dead batteries 
  • TV’s lousy main power switch 
  • The TV’s power switch is not turned on 
  • Damaged power cord 


You will get the power switch on your JVC TV’s side or underneath. So if your JVC TV fails to turn on, you should check this switch first and make sure you have turned the power switch on. Then if your TV still fails to start, you should follow the solutions below: 

  • Replace the failed power board and faulty power source, the TV’s damaged internal parts, the blown fuse, and the lousy starter box.  
  • Also, replace the malfunctioning high voltage transformer, remote’s dead batteries, bad main power switch, and defective power cord. 
  • Make sure your TV’s power switch is turned on. 

2. JVC TV No Picture

Your JVC TV on but no picture is another major issue that you may encounter. Actually, you may experience no-picture issues from different aspects. Let’s discuss the detailed causes and solutions of each: 

i). JVC TV Poor Or No Picture Or No Color in Picture

The first picture-related issue is that after turning on your JVC TV, it may produce very poor or no pictures at all. In this case, you may hear the sound, but you will see no picture on your TV. The culprits for it are:

  • A particular TV channel or station is creating problems
  • Local interference 
  • Not adjusted picture control 
  • Disconnected CATV connector 
  • Antenna’s wrong position 


The easy and effective solutions to the above troubles are:

  • Try another TV station or channel 
  • Eliminate the reception disturbance or local interference 
  • Adjust your TV’s picture control 
  • Check the CATV connection and properly connect the connectors 
  • Rotate or reposition the antenna 

ii). Picture Wobbles or Drifts

Another picture-related issue in JVC TV is your TV is displaying a picture, but the picture is not clear. Or in other words, your JVC TV’s picture drifts or wobbles. The possible reasons for it are: 

  • TV channels experiencing problems 
  • Scrambled cable TV channel 
  • Wrong CATV connection 
  • Local interference 
  • Not connected antenna connector 
  • Refresh rate setting at the incorrect level 
  • No cable TV reception 


If, after turning on your JVC TV, its picture drifts or wobbles gradually and with the audio track, the picture gets out of sync, then you should immediately fix this problem. The fixing ways are: 

  • Try another channel other than the station that is facing an issue 
  • Ensure correct CATV connection 
  • Reduce local interference 
  • Make sure the antenna connector is properly connected 
  • Set your JVC TV’s refresh rate at the correct level 
  • Ensure cable TV’s proper connection 

iii). JVC TV Red Light Flash But No Picture

You turned on your JVC TV; its red light flashes, but no picture appears on it. The causes of the red light blinking but no picture on your JVC TV are: 

  • Activated protection circuit 
  • Power supply failure 
  • Faulty TV capacitors 
  • TV’s cracked mainboard 
  • Broken picture tube neck 


After powering up your TV, if slowly its red light flashes and then rapidly it starts blinking and the TV screen goes black, then you should do the following to resolve it: 

  • Deactivate the protection circuit 
  • Replace the failed power supply source, defective TV capacitors, cracked main board, and TV’s broken picture tube neck 

iv). Noise Bars Appear On the TV Screen

Another picture-related problem is the noise bars that appear on your JVC TV screen. The causes of it are:

  • Worn-out or old tape
  • Dirty video heads 
  • The automatic tracking circuit fails to do automatic tracking adjustment 


To fix the above issues, do the following:

  • Replace the worn-out or old tape 
  • Properly clean the video heads 
  • Manually adjust the track using your TV remote control’s TRACKING + and – buttons. 

3. JVC TV No Sound

Another JVC smart TV problem is that there is no sound on your TV, or the TV stops producing sound.

Your TV may display a picture or no picture, but your TV’s audio is out, and its sound system stops working. The responsible factors of it are: 

  • The TV channel is facing problems 
  • Outdated sound system software 
  • Possible local interference in TV’s sound 
  • The CATV connector is not connected 
  • The depressed muting button or TV is muted 
  • TV cable’s loose connection 
  • Changed audio setting 
  • TV’s A/V cable connections are not properly connected 
  • Sounds cables are not properly connected 


After turning on your JVC TV, if you see everything on your TV is okay, but it is not generating sound, then you should first reset your TV. If resetting your JVC TV doesn’t fix its sound dispute, then do the following to fix it: 

  • Try another TV channel or stations 
  • Update your TV’s sound system software 
  • Remove the possible local interference 
  • Properly connect the CATV connector 
  • Check your JVC TV’s mute button and if it is in muted position, unmute it
  • Tighten your TV’s cable connection 
  • Check the audio setting and set it to On 
  • Perfectly connect your JVC TV’s A/V cable connections and sound cables 

If the internal issues are not creating the problem, then your JVC TV’s sound problem will go away by resetting your TV’s sound system by following the steps below: 

  • ON your TV’s side, you will find the Menu and Volume (-) buttons, hold these buttons 
  • Press your JVC TV side’s power button simultaneously while holding these buttons 
  • Blue light out of your TV will come on and stay on 
  • Wait for 10-20 seconds and release your TV’s Menu and Volume (-) button 
  • Again wait for 30 seconds, and the picture and sound both will appear on your TV

However, if following these steps above doesn’t solve the sound issue, follow another method. For 60 seconds, unplug and turn off your TV and hold your TV’s power button. After 1 minute, re-plug your TV and turn it on. 

4. JVC TV No Signal

Appearing a ‘No Signal” message on your JVC TV screen means your TV screen fails to receive the TV box’s signal.

When your JVC TV gets no signal, it may display a few digital channels, but others are unavailable on your TV, or all channels are missing. 

After turning on your JVC TV, you should immediately find out which culprit is causing this trouble if you see your TV displaying a no signal message. The probable causes of it are: 

  • JVC TV is set to incorrect input or source 
  • Incorrect  selection of TV, AV, DTV, or Digital TV source 
  • Antenna fault 
  • Damaged network status temporarily affects the signal levels 
  • TV and antenna cable’s loose connection 
  • Incorrectly positioned the satellite dish 
  • Antenna’s part corrosion due to constant exposure to different elements 
  • JVC TV is not connected to a cable box or satellite receiver


Check your JVC TV’s input source setting and ensure it is connected to the correct input or source. Also, you can use the signal booster to strengthen your TV’s signal. The other resolving ways are: 

  • Make sure your JVC TV’s input source is correct, and you selected the right input
  • Correctly select the TV, AV, DTV, or Digital TV source 
  • Replace the faulty antenna, or corroded parts of the antenna, or correct the antenna’s fault 
  • Ensure improved network status and high-quality signal level 
  • Positioned your TV’s satellite dish correctly 
  • Properly connect your JVC TV to a cable box or satellite receiver 

5. JVC TV Turns On But Black Screen

Your JVC TV turns on and starts working fine, but over time, its screen goes black. Or just after turning on the TV, you may experience a black screen. The concerning factors leading to it are: 

  • Defective cable box 
  • TV stations or channels experiencing problems 
  • TV’s picture control is not adjusted 
  • Reception disturbance 
  • Disconnected antenna connector 
  • TV’s wrong input source 
  • Faulty TV lamp 
  • JVC TV is in sleep mode 
  • Insecure HDMI connection 
  • Loose cable connection 


The solving ways for the problems mentioned above are: 

  • Replace the faulty cable box, and bad TV lamp
  • Try another TV channel or station other than the one that is creating difficulty in displaying a picture 
  • Following the JVC TV manual, properly adjust your TV’s picture control 
  • Remove the reception disturbance 
  • Properly connect the antenna connector 
  • Select your TV’s correct input source, such as TV, AV, etc. 
  • Make sure your TV is not in sleep mode 
  • Ensure a secure HDMI connection 
  • Tighten the cable connection 

To read the more comprehensive details, you can go through this details guide of JVC TV turns on but black screen

6. JVC TV Flashing Screen

Your JVC TV is working perfectly, but suddenly its screen starts blinking. And it’s another problem that creates an annoying experience for you.

You are watching your TV but suddenly its screen starts flashing or flickering, it’s really irritating. The factors accountable for it are: 

  • Loose cable connection 
  • Damaged cables 
  • Faulty connection ports 
  • Defective video source 


The TV screen’s sudden flashing is not really expected. Sometimes you can resolve it just by turning off and on your JVC TV. But sometimes, the simple reset is not enough, and you may need to do the following to get rid of it: 

7. JVC TV Won’t Turn Off Or On And Keep Flashing Different Colors

Another problem with your JVC TV that you may encounter is your TV won’t turn on or off, but it keeps flashing different colors.

When TV is stuck in the “Purity Check Mode,” then this happens. In this mode, the full-screen displays colors of green, red, white, blue, and partial white.

To check for the non-active pixels, your TV cycles through these colors. When your JVC TV goes through this problem, this means Service Mode is “ON” on your TV.

And its test pattern is the colors on your TV screen. TV’s EPROM runs this Service Mode in your JVC TV. Thus the failure of TV EPROM also causes this issue. 


First, try to reset your JVC TV’s EPROM. To reset the EPROM, do the following: 

  • From the outlet, remove your TV’s power cord
  • Hold your TV’s power button (not the remote) for 20 seconds 
  • Release the power button and re-plug the TV power cord into the outlet, and power it up 

After resetting the EPROM, hopefully, this color flashing trouble will be solved. But if it still exists, it means the EPROM is faulty. 

8. JVC TV Keeps Turning Off

You turn on your TV, but after running for a while, your JVC TV keeps shutting off. Often the users go through this trouble. At regular or irregular intervals, your JVC TV may keep turning off. The leading causes of it are: 

  • TV stations or channels stopped broadcasting 
  • TV’s sleep function is On 
  • TV’s power-saving options (On Timer, TV Standby) are On 
  • Your JVC TV is not getting enough power to run continuously 
  • The stuck power button on your TV’s remote control 
  • Tripped circuit breaker 
  • Faulty power board 
  • Power board’s defective capacitors 


If your JVC TV turns off by itself, you should restart it to fix this hitch. Also, follow the other solutions below: 

  • Make sure your JVC TV stations are not facing any problems and they are broadcasting perfectly. If any channel stops broadcasting, try another channel. 
  • Turn off your TV’s sleep mode. 
  • Also, check your TV’s other power-saving options, such as On Timer and TV Standby, and turn these off. 
  • Ensure your TV is getting a proper power supply 
  • Replace the faulty remote control or its stuck power button, defective power board, the board’s bad capacitors, and tripped circuit breaker. 

9. JVC TV Keeps Turning On And Off Repeatedly

Repeatedly your JVC TV turns on and off by itself or restarts automatically when you connect your TV to the internet. It’s quite annoying. The factors responsible for it are:

  • Internal hardware issues 
  • Broken or damaged internal components in the TV 
  • TV manufacturing defects 
  • The defective main control board 
  • Power surge 
  • The remote control’s stuck or defective power button 
  • The faulty power board and T-con board 
  • Lousy backlight 


When you power your JVC TV, it stays on for 10-15 seconds, then turns off. Then again, after 10 seconds, the TV pops back on itself and turns on.

This is a really weird issue. To fix it, you should reset your JVC TV and also do the things below: 

  • Check and fix your JVC TV’s internal hardware troubles. 
  • Replace your JVC smart TV’s damaged or broken internal components, faulty main control board, defective remote control with the stuck power button, bad backlight, and malfunctioning power board

JVC TV Station Experiencing Problems – How to Fix It?

If your JVC TV stations experience glitches frequently, then do the following to fix it: 

  • Check whether the antenna cable is properly connected with your JVC TV’s back ANT input or not 
  • If the antenna cable is properly connected, but the TV station is not working, then navigate to your JVC TV Menu 
  • Find the Setting option and select “Channel.”
  • From your JVC TV “Channel” option, according to your TV type, select the “Antenna” or “Cable” option 
  • Your JVC TV will then scans all the signal stations 
  • After completing the scanning, expectantly, your TV stations will not experience any problems 

How To Turn Off Your JVC TV’s Flashing Red Light

The activated TV timer function is responsible for the flashing red light on your JVC TV. If it accidentally becomes “ON” on your TV, you need to turn it off. Follow the steps below for turning off your JVC TV’s flashing red light:

  • Press the remote control or JVC TV’s front control panel’s Menu 
  • Scroll through the on-screen options list using the remote’s up and down buttons, and you will reach the On/Off timer.
  • Press your TV remote control’s right arrow key 
  • Scroll down to your TV screen middle near the On/Off function and highlight the “No” word by pressing the right arrow key
  • Now highlight the “Finish” word by pressing your TV remote’s bottom arrow key. 
  • For switching off the activated timer, press your remote’s right arrow key and complete the procedure. 

After completing the above steps, turn off your JVC smart TV and keep it unplugged for at least 10 minutes.

Your TV will reset to the factory setting within this 10-minute break-up. The factory reset will shut off your TV’s timer function by clearing the memory. 

How To Soft Reset JVC TV

If your JVC TV keeps turning off, repeatedly turning on and off, and producing no picture or sound, you need to soft reset your TV as a first step to fix these hitches.

In simple words, when your JVC TV stop working, the easiest way to fix it is to soft reset it. The simple resetting steps are:

  • Unplug your JVC TV from the electric outlet and turn its power off 
  • Press the main power button on your JVC TV’s side and hold it. and wait for 10-20 seconds 
  • Release the button and re-plug your TV back into the power source 
  • Turn the TV on 

How To Factory Reset JVC TV

Factory reset causes the losses of all stored data on your JVC TV, but still, it helps to solve your TV’s many difficulties.

If a soft reset fails to solve your TV’s issues, then you should perform this hard reset on your JVC TV. The easy steps are: 

  • Use the remote control and navigate the “Settings” option on your JVC TV
  • Go to system < Advanced System Settings 
  • Select the Factory Reset option and press it 

How To Reset JVC TV Without Remote

One convenient option for resetting your JVC TV is to use the remote control. But if the remote control is unavailable for any reason, you can turn on or reset your JVC TV without a remote. Without a remote, the TV resetting steps are: 

  • Go near your JVC smart TV and stand in front of it
  • Search for your JVC TV’s power button. You will get the power button on your JVC TV’s side or at the bottom panel 
  • Now fully press the power button for 10 seconds and release it 
  • Now turn your JVC TV on 


What causes a smart TV to Freeze up?

Your smart TV freeze up due to the out-of-date app, improperly working internet source, and improper app and Wi-Fi settings. However, to fix this hitch starts by turning off your TV and waiting for a few minutes. Then turn on your TV again. 

How do I know if my HDMI port is working?

At the dialog box, look at your HDMI port’s status. The status “The Device Is Working Properly’ ensures the proper functioning of your HDMI port. 

How to reset a remote control?

Open your TV remote control’s battery compartment cover and remove the batteries. Press the remote’s power button. Then hold it for 3 seconds. Now reinsert your remote’s batteries and close the compartment’s cover. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, after going through this well-explained JVC TV troubleshooting guide, all the major problems of JVC TV and their solutions are known to you. If you encounter any of the above troubles, following our guide, you will solve them by yourself. 

Comment and let us know whether you succeed in solving your JVC TV hitches or not. If you need any help, we are always available here. 

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